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    jedimasta got a reaction from ClusterAtlas in Basic networked multiplayer game example/template   
    Thanks Cluster. Over the past few days I've been staying awake far longer than I should be running through various tutorials and examples to get a very rudimentary start. I started a new thread with specifics if you (or anyone else) cares to see where I'm at and how I got there. 
    As for specifics:
    1) yes, static IP. I'm running this all off one machine, but it's set up to feed out to my internal network, easy peasy.
    2) the RNG is just a basic Math.random with a min max modifier. The random score is based on how many players in any given round and never more than ~60 so I'm not too concerned with being hardcore random
    3) most of this is already worked out in the tabletop game. you might have a point on checking/handling disconnects and reconnects, but I don't know how much time I want to dedicate to that since rounds don't last more than 1 minute.
    If curious, here's is what I'm emulating (ignore the spinner, that's for the casino payouts)
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    jedimasta got a reaction from PBMCube in Basic networked multiplayer game example/template   
    I've only scanned down through some of the code there and thanks are in order for making the explanations clear and concise. I haven't yet drilled down into the nitty gritty yet, but I wanted to ask a few things before I do, to see if your example relates to my project or if I need to keep researching.
    I've created an HTML5 clone of a game I saw in a casino recently wherein players "grab" cards as they are dealt in order to reach a target score determined randomly before the game starts. I specifically created it to be played using physical buttons around a TV embedded into a table. I used the CreateJS APIs and I'm pretty happy with the results. The next level, so to speak, would be in allowing players to use their mobile devices to grab cards from a main play area (i.e. the TV). If you've played any of the Jackbox Party games, you'll know what I mean.
    I've gathered that in order to do this I'll need to leverage node.js and (or similar) to get players' mobile devices talking to the main game screen, but that's where my understanding ends. I don't really intend on releasing this to the public or anything, more for just me and my gambling friends, so I wan't to spend as little as possible, ideally nothing, on server usage. I've already setup a webserver in my home, strictly to serve internal IPs, using XAMMP on Windows. 
    Do you think I could glean anything from your example and further, would you have any advice or could you point me in the right direction for adding a node/socket server locally to handle the network requests? Much of this is still new to me, only having come from a PHP front end development background, so I might be in over my head, but I won't know until I ask.
    Any and all guidance is appreciated.