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  1. Hello, I have different states like "menuState", "optionState", "playState". In optionState I have more than 50 toggle buttons (possible frames: 0 and 1) So, I can include/exclude different cities by clicking those toggle buttons. Let's say I click toggle button next to "Berlin", this city is excluded from an array, and button's frame is set to 1 now. It works fine for all cities, but if I go to menuState or playState, then I go back to optionsState, those toggle buttons are created again, and their frame is 0 by default. Is is possible to save those buttons (keep them on frame 1) after switching the state? I can add different variables to game.js for example, and when toggle button is clicked, set corresponding variable to 0/1. But this requires a lot of coding. Is there any better solution? Thanks
  2. Something like Google maps please! I would be happy to see "pinch to zoom" tutorial. I cannot find it anywhere. I would like to zoom in/out maps with multiple clickable objects (cities or countries for example).
  3. Unfortunately, I have to say it is a terrible service. In the last year, I received my first payment after sending about 10 emails. I had to wait about 3-4 months to get my money. Also, they did not send me money at the end of January and they did not even respond to my email. So, they did not improve they service at all, and they just promote their games in "hot games" section. Terrible terrible terrible!
  4. Go away moron, it's not just about two Mario games, there are many other games containing ID net apis, I show these two games as examples. And actually they are very popular online games. Another problem is that webmasters should remove or update so many pages just to hide Y8 games.
  5. Yes, as I said those moves are desparate in my opinion. And at least, I did not disable someone else's games and made so bad user experience on thousands of websites.
  6. It is completely fine if you close your services, that's not the problem, but the problem is that you disabled our games for no reason. Plus, you disabled so many games hosted by different sites. About 10 days ago, I sent two mails to different email addresses belong to Y8 and I did not get any reply until yesterday. And the reply was "go ahead and say whatever you want I dont care anymore. "
  7. One Mario game worked because I have updated the game, and 4j uses a version hosted on my website.
  8. Hello, Y8 disabled all their flash and WebGL games you published on your website. That's "thank you" for publishing their games. I will never again publish their game or upload a game to their site. WebGL games will show only a link to their website, so they just want to steal your traffic. And if you try to play their flash games, you will only see a semi transparent black screen. (See examples below, and note, there are hundreds of games available on different websites). That's not all, they have disabled our games that use their APIs. So think twice if you want to submit your games there. First, they asked developers to use their services (ads, analytics, login...). So, I did it and distributed my games containing their api. Now, some of my flash games are hosted on hundreds of sites, and guess what, they don't work at all thanks to Y8. Here are examples of two disabled games, (go to main menu, the game will show ID preloader for a short time, and then it's disabled): Their WebGL games disabled on different site (just few examples): Their flash games disabled:
  9. I also get paid, but I had to contact you 5 times. Net 30 would be nice too, waiting for 60 days and more to get money is not really good. But GD is a serious website at least, they are not scammers for sure. I would not recommend you crazygames, because they will ask you to remove your logo/links. Regards
  10. Hi, I can make these games very fast, email sent.
  11. @onlycape Hey, yes this works great, I did not find any problems for now. Thanks
  12. Yes, this helps me to fix gaps, but it gives me another problem. Backgrounds don't scroll smoothly, so if I changes their positions as suggested, it does not look good. I mean background "jumps" to its new position. Everything looks greate if I don't change scroll speed. // bg2 jumps to 0 position bg1.x = 1280; bg2.x = 0;
  13. So I have updated some games successfuly, but I realised other games still do not play audio on Android. Actually everything works fine if you visit the game directly, but if you embed the game in iframe, it does not work. I use this code by threedollarbill game.input.onDown.addOnce(() => { game.sound.context.resume(); }); I don't see any reason for this? Any ideas? If I use Phaser v2.10.5 , it works but the game is too slow. If I just replace phaser.min.js, the game is definately much slower on mobile. I expected the new version to be better than previous versions...
  14. Hello, I have two endless scrolling background images and it works perfect if I don't change scrolling speed, but if those backgrounds scroll faster or slower, I can see gaps between them. Did you have a similar problem? How to resolve this? Here is my code: // create function bgSpeed = 6; bg1 = game.add.sprite(0, 0, 'background'); bg2 = game.add.sprite(1280, 0, 'background'); // bg width is 1280 // update function bg1.x -= bgSpeed; bg2.x -= bgSpeed; if (bg1.x - bgSpeed <= -1280) { bg1.x = 1280; } else if (bg2.x - bgSpeed <= -1280) { bg2.x = 1280; } So, it works if I don't change anything, but I need to change bgSpeed when users click a button function buttonClick() { bgSpeed = 9; // gaps }