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  1. Thanks, usually it's hard to find multiplayer game tutorials.
  2. [Phaser] Copter Rescue

    It's little hard but a very good game.
  3. Browser UI problem on iOS Safari

    Sorry for posting on your topic How can I detect mobile Safari and show different scene for it? I would like to show one scene for safari and other scene for all other browsers, but I cannot find code for it? I don't understand documents, did not see a real example? Can anyone help?
  4. Y8 is Publishing HTML5 games

    Revenue split would be the best option for HTML5 game developers. I am waiting for it
  5. Browser UI problem on iOS Safari

    Hello, I also have the same question. How to fix this problem, is there a way to hide UI? Any trick to avoid showing it? It's Safari only. What's your practice? Anyone?