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  1. Phaser911

    Gaps between scrolling background objects

    @onlycape Hey, yes this works great, I did not find any problems for now. Thanks
  2. Phaser911

    Gaps between scrolling background objects

    Yes, this helps me to fix gaps, but it gives me another problem. Backgrounds don't scroll smoothly, so if I changes their positions as suggested, it does not look good. I mean background "jumps" to its new position. Everything looks greate if I don't change scroll speed. // bg2 jumps to 0 position bg1.x = 1280; bg2.x = 0;
  3. Hm... if I use one older version of Phaser, everything works fine.
  4. So I have updated some games successfuly, but I realised other games still do not play audio on Android. Actually everything works fine if you visit the game directly, but if you embed the game in iframe, it does not work. I use this code by threedollarbill game.input.onDown.addOnce(() => { game.sound.context.resume(); }); I don't see any reason for this? Any ideas? If I use Phaser v2.10.5 , it works but the game is too slow. If I just replace phaser.min.js, the game is definately much slower on mobile. I expected the new version to be better than previous versions...
  5. Hello, I have two endless scrolling background images and it works perfect if I don't change scrolling speed, but if those backgrounds scroll faster or slower, I can see gaps between them. Did you have a similar problem? How to resolve this? Here is my code: // create function bgSpeed = 6; bg1 = game.add.sprite(0, 0, 'background'); bg2 = game.add.sprite(1280, 0, 'background'); // bg width is 1280 // update function bg1.x -= bgSpeed; bg2.x -= bgSpeed; if (bg1.x - bgSpeed <= -1280) { bg1.x = 1280; } else if (bg2.x - bgSpeed <= -1280) { bg2.x = 1280; } So, it works if I don't change anything, but I need to change bgSpeed when users click a button function buttonClick() { bgSpeed = 9; // gaps }
  6. @threedollarbill Thanks for the solution, so I need to update all games now?
  7. Phaser911

    New member want to say hi

    Hi and welcome.
  8. Phaser911 offers revenue share!

    It's not bad, I mean it works fine, but you need to earn at least 50€ and wait 60 days for your money, that's too long and it's terrible in my opinion. Within 60 days after the end of the Preceding Month, Distributor will pay Owner’s revenue share with respect to that month .
  9. Thanks, usually it's hard to find multiplayer game tutorials.
  10. Phaser911

    [Phaser] Copter Rescue

    It's little hard but a very good game.
  11. Phaser911

    Browser UI problem on iOS Safari

    Sorry for posting on your topic How can I detect mobile Safari and show different scene for it? I would like to show one scene for safari and other scene for all other browsers, but I cannot find code for it? I don't understand documents, did not see a real example? Can anyone help?
  12. Phaser911

    Y8 is Publishing HTML5 games

    Revenue split would be the best option for HTML5 game developers. I am waiting for it
  13. Phaser911

    Browser UI problem on iOS Safari

    Hello, I also have the same question. How to fix this problem, is there a way to hide UI? Any trick to avoid showing it? It's Safari only. What's your practice? Anyone?