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  1. How to add collider for slide in BabylonJS

    The sphere, mesh impostor, will act as your character.
  2. Two bumpTexture questions

    having some code to start with is good way to encourage help.
  3. var Scene = new BABYLON.Scene(engine); class Box { constructor (scene){ this.scene = scene; = BABYLON.MeshBuilder.CreateBox("box", {height: 2, width: 3, depth: 3}, this.scene); this.boxMat = new BABYLON.StandardMaterial("mat",this.scene); this.boxMat.diffuseColor = new BABYLON.Color3(10,1,1); = this.boxMat; += .2; console.log( } } new Box(Scene); Here is how I would use Check the console.
  4. Animation Methodology Review

    The easier you make it for people to help, the more attraction this will get. Good idea to document the progress this thread is making. Inb4 complete animations engine. edit: document in english, not l33t speak
  5. Bablyonjs & express

    Thanks fort, this gives me an idea of things would work.
  6. Bablyonjs & express

    How do I setup express server with bablyon? Any demo repos? Perhaps this isnt feasible. If so, what are my options for dynamically serving bablyon scenes? The goal is to design scenes, then run them on schedule.
  7. SPS experiments

    I'm using an old office desktop and the final worker version was remarkably faster. Wasn't able to discern the ∞ symbol in previous versions cause was taking too long.
  8. [SOLVED] Blender animation export

    i want to be like you when i grow up
  9. ..Not just make it all in blender
  10. Automaton QA scene

    So its not a blog site.