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  1. Very interesting
  2. Interesting project. I don't understand y u need scenes for a blog site tho. I have an idea, but would like you to clarify.
  3. Are u trying to make a open-sim like project or just 3d editor? Think there would be alot of hype for open-sim project.
  4. Such as.
  5. much impressed
  6. No Mans Sky?
  7. I saw this the other day.
  8. Best effort attempt at filling in the gaps. Needs a good deal of editing, the language used to describe things gets unnecessarily confusing. e.g. better worded as.. Also, theres no answer to excercise one to check my code against.
  9. I don't kno tf this means but i figured some1 here might.. heres a paper
  10. ETA?
  11. wat he said