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  1. Retargeting skeletal animations at runtime

    did this ever get integrated?
  2. BabylonJS CharacterController

    How does the controller know which animation ranges on your avatar correspond to walk/run/slide etc? In other words, how do you retarget animations to a new skeleton? Edit: figured it out from demo/index.html function setAnimationRanges(skel){ delAnimRanges(skel); skel.createAnimationRange("fall",0,16); skel.createAnimationRange("idle",21,65); skel.createAnimationRange("jump",70,94); skel.createAnimationRange("run",100,121); skel.createAnimationRange("slideBack",125,129); skel.createAnimationRange("strafeLeft",135,179); skel.createAnimationRange("strafeRight",185,229); skel.createAnimationRange("turnLeft",240,262); skel.createAnimationRange("turnRight",270,292); skel.createAnimationRange("walk",300,335); skel.createAnimationRange("walkBack",340,366); }
  3. CreateBox vs CreateLines

    does anyone know how indices work with vertex data. Playground to refer to I also considered using createRibbon. Anyone familiar with using this..
  4. CreateBox vs CreateLines

    @Gijs @adam Ty both.
  5. CreateBox vs CreateLines

    Interesting solution. Not really what I'm looking for. I'm hoping to feed vertex positions to something like extrudePolygon or box.vertexData, to create the box from that.
  6. Right now im creating a bunch of lines to imitate the shape of a box. Id rather use that vertex data to create an actual box. Any suggestions? Heres playground I'm working with..
  7. Handling multiple clicks

    @Arte Thanks, that should work. Marking this as solved. Gonna get some sleep then work on new algorithm. Meanwhile theres another issue i need advice on. Right now im creating a bunch of lines to imitate shape of a box. Id rather use that vertex data to create an actual box. Any suggestions?
  8. Basically, I want to nest scene.onPointerDown On the first pointer down event i wanna set an origin point. On the second pointer down i want to set translation. Currently the origin is defaulted to (0x, 0z) and the first & only pointer down sets the translation point. Heres the playground I'm working with. Ignore my poor linear algebra- just picked it up yesterday.
  9. How to add collider for slide in BabylonJS

    The sphere, mesh impostor, will act as your character.
  10. Two bumpTexture questions

    having some code to start with is good way to encourage help.
  11. var Scene = new BABYLON.Scene(engine); class Box { constructor (scene){ this.scene = scene; = BABYLON.MeshBuilder.CreateBox("box", {height: 2, width: 3, depth: 3}, this.scene); this.boxMat = new BABYLON.StandardMaterial("mat",this.scene); this.boxMat.diffuseColor = new BABYLON.Color3(10,1,1); = this.boxMat; += .2; console.log( } } new Box(Scene); Here is how I would use Check the console.
  12. Animation Methodology Review

    The easier you make it for people to help, the more attraction this will get. Good idea to document the progress this thread is making. Inb4 complete animations engine. edit: document in english, not l33t speak
  13. Bablyonjs & express

    Thanks fort, this gives me an idea of things would work.
  14. Bablyonjs & express

    How do I setup express server with bablyon? Any demo repos? Perhaps this isnt feasible. If so, what are my options for dynamically serving bablyon scenes? The goal is to design scenes, then run them on schedule.