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  1. glb loader flips faces in right handed scene

    @satguru This is a bug in the loader. I will fix it.
  2. gltf,glb and left- handed system

    @satguru The loader always creates a "__root__" node right now. If you just want to import one mesh, pass in the name of the node in the glTF to the importMesh function of the SceneLoader.
  3. gltf,glb and left- handed system

    @satguru The loader does not currently convert the data from right-handed to left-handed. It is computationally expensive to do this. glTF is intended to be a runtime format, so it is intended to load fast. You have two choices with the loader. Either continue with the "__root__" transform that flips the z scale or change the coordinate system of BabylonJS to right-handed. Do you have a scenario that requires the data to be converted?
  4. The animation is because the default behavior of the loader for playing animations has changed. The default behavior before played all the animations. The new default behavior plays just the first animation. See and for more information about this. The sample models will be updated (hopefully soon) such that playing the first animation will behave correctly. In the meantime, if you want the old behavior to play all the animations, you can now specify a new property animationStartMode on the loader to play all the animations at once. The black texture thing is a different issue that only happens for webgl1. I'll look into that separately.
  5. gltf support and mikkt space

    Yes, but I'm not sure what the performance impact is. BabylonJS currently generates tangents using (see cotangent_frame in Generating MikkTSpace tangents will require doing it during load, which might or might not be worth it. But it is something that we should try at some point. For now, the best way to get MikkTSpace is to specify tangents/normals/meshes generated with the MikkTSpace algorithms in the glTF file.
  6. @hunts This seems to be a Blender issue. three.js viewer does the same thing as BabylonJS. I am able to import the fbx into Unity and export into a working glTF using my exporter.
  7. PR is merged:
  8. Yeah, sorry, I meant to have updated this thread. I have another PR out now, but I'll wait until it is merged before I call this one good.
  9. @hunts How did you convert the fbx to glTF?
  10. PR is here: Note that the Polly model has also been updated for this to work.
  11. AnimatedTriangle.gltf is not displayed

    @cx20 This model works fine for me in the sandbox. Are you sure you got this from the latest samples repo and not an old model (possibly from the tutorials)?
  12. Bear glTF model could not display

    Thanks for the report @cx20!
  13. Bear glTF model could not display

    This is fixed with PR:
  14. Bear glTF model could not display

    The issue is that there is an animation with only one key frame and that's not currently working. I'll fix it ASAP.
  15. @keero This is just a warning. It shouldn't cause the loader to fail. I need to relax the warning as binary buffer length can now be up to 3 bytes samller than actual chunk length. See here: Do you have the converted glTF or GLB file? That will help a lot.