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  1. bghgary

    Share My GLTF Vision

    Here is a PR that allows you to add custom loader extensions: I haven't written specific documentation for this yet, but I have a sample playground and API documentation: Playground example: (for a JavaScript example) The loader interface: The loader extension interface:
  2. bghgary

    glTF import with custom extensions

    See here for the first PR that supports adding custom loader extensions:
  3. bghgary

    Test GLTF Animations

    There is no need to iterate all the bones (at least not going from Unity to glTF). You would need to do something like that going from Unity to Babylon because Babylon has a separated skeleton structure. The Babylon glTF loader will handle creating the Babylon skeleton and iterate the bones, etc. etc. Both Unity and glTF don't do this as the skeleton hierarchy is together with the mesh hierarchy. Assuming you are talking about cubic splines animations, my code is here, but it doesn't handle every case as you've already seen. To get things working, I would suggest baking the animations into linear form (which I think you already do) and tackle cubic splines later after sorting out the skeleton issue.
  4. bghgary

    Test GLTF Animations

    The code that I sent is all you need to do to export a skin and its joints/bones. The code that exports the animation for nodes is the same code that is necessary to export animation of joints/bones since Unity treats them the same (just like in glTF). I'm not sure what is the missing piece.
  5. bghgary

    Test GLTF Animations

    I watched the video you posted in the other thread (looks interesting btw), but I am still not sure how to help you with this. Do you need to learn more about the glTF format to be able to do your work? If so, maybe the skinning section of the glTF tutorial helps?
  6. Looks like the left arm asset has a negative scale on it which according to spec is supposed to flip the triangles. Looks like Cesium doesn't handle this properly. You can test this using asset 01 from the negative scale tests from the asset generator project. I'll send a note to Cesium to let them know about this. I think the source DAE model is wrong. If I import the left-arm.dae into Unity, the same thing happens where all the triangles are flipped.
  7. bghgary

    Test GLTF Animations

    I haven't looked at it carefully, but I know about the extras stuff you are adding. I thought you were trying to get the animator stuff into core spec. I'm hoping my code can help with this, but if not, let me know how I can help.
  8. bghgary

    Test GLTF Animations

    Well, that's odd, but you can use my code as reference if you'd like.
  9. bghgary

    Test GLTF Animations

    glTF does not support Unity Animator (mechanim) components. glTF only support Unity animation clips. Unity Animator is basically a state machine that can blend animations between states. This does not exist in core glTF and I am not aware of an extension that does this.
  10. bghgary

    Test GLTF Animations

    That has not been my experience. I have used the exporter and it worked for me. In Unity, the bone hierarchy is part of the node hierarchy, just like glTF (though we have discussed separating them in future versions). There isn't a separate export for bone animations. The export for node animations are also for the bone animations. Perhaps there is a misunderstanding here?
  11. bghgary

    Test GLTF Animations

    The code is just a port of my code from my repo. I didn't take everything into account since I did it just to prove out the spec. Euler rotations are not supported in the code I wrote. I wrote this code about more than a year ago. glTF only supports Quaternion rotations. I will need to spend some time thinking about how to convert from Euler rotations to Quaternion rotations. I'm a bit confused by this statement. The Sketchfab version you mentioned does support skeletal animations and it sounds like you are saying it works. My repo also has skeletal animation support.
  12. bghgary

    GLTF model is not being rendered correctly

    @matiasbargas I looked at your tree model and the weights for many vertices are all zero. This is not allowed in glTF, though we are still trying to work out the wording for the spec (see here). Can you ask the glTF-Blender-Exporter folks on why the exporter is doing this?
  13. bghgary

    Test GLTF Animations

    @MackeyK24 There is a PR in the UnityGLTF repo that adds animation export support: This was a port from my repo which already supports animation export. Let me know if this works for you.
  14. bghgary

    GLTF dont apply alpha/transparency [SOLVED]

    Yeah, I also made this mistake a few times. You changed the BaseColor property instead of BaseColorFactor property. My understanding is that you use BaseColor for textures and BaseColorFactor for the factor. The documentation states this exactly, but still it's easy to do it wrong. I would suggest filing an issue on glTF-Blender-Exporter. If you are hitting this, I'm sure others will have the same issue.
  15. bghgary

    GLTF dont apply alpha/transparency [SOLVED]

    glTF is intended as a portable runtime format and supports a PBR metallic roughness material model, which includes alpha as coverage. We call it the JPEG of 3D. It is not intended for interchange, though you are free to do so. If the intent of the original model uses a material model within the scope of glTF, it should work. The original question about applying transparency using Blender should work.