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  1. This is fixed in PR:
  2. Thanks @mschenck for the report. I will take a look at this.
  3. Here is a playground for the BoomBox model that works fine: You can also try putting your model into the sandbox and see if it works there:
  4. @ua4192 Sorry for the slow response. I'll take a look to see if something is broken. In the meantime, can you send me the model that doesn't work or better yet a playground?
  5. @cx20 No worries. I have been following the threads. Thanks for the report!
  6. @hunts It works locally for me (though it's zoomed too far in and rotated), so it should work once the playground is updated.
  7. @hunts Hmm, sorry, the PR was just merged and the playground is probably not updated yet. Maybe wait until tomorrow. CC @Deltakosh
  8. @hunts I fixed the exception. Can you try it and let me know if it works for you?
  9. That should fix it.
  10. @cx20 Thanks for the report. I'm working on the "Not Implemented" error.
  11. @hunts There is an issue with skeletons if there is a node in the skeleton hierarchy that is not part of the bones (joints) list. I need to fix this.
  12. Which Blender export did you use? The model looks to be a glTF 1.0 which has issues with skins in BabylonJS. Try this one:
  13. Should be fixed with