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  1. @keero This is just a warning. It shouldn't cause the loader to fail. I need to relax the warning as binary buffer length can now be up to 3 bytes samller than actual chunk length. See here: Do you have the converted glTF or GLB file? That will help a lot.
  2. gltf/glb issue

    This is a bug in the loader. I've fixed it in this PR:
  3. Yes, I know about this one. I haven't figured out what it is doing yet, but it's in my backlog. As always, thanks for the report @cx20!
  4. GLTF2 and importMEsh method issue

    @ua4192 I just tried this with the sandbox and the glb appears to load fine. The centering code needs some work as the mesh is kind of far away and hard to see, but it's there.
  5. Simple glLTF bone example

    Sorry for the slow response. If you just need a glTF with skinning that works, the glTF sample models repo has a bunch of skinning examples that work. The simplest one being That said, like @Deltakosh said, I am working on some bone fixes.
  6. This is fixed in PR:
  7. Thanks @mschenck for the report. I will take a look at this.
  8. @cx20 No worries. I have been following the threads. Thanks for the report!
  9. Gltf not rendering in scene

    @hunts It works locally for me (though it's zoomed too far in and rotated), so it should work once the playground is updated.
  10. Gltf not rendering in scene

    @hunts Hmm, sorry, the PR was just merged and the playground is probably not updated yet. Maybe wait until tomorrow. CC @Deltakosh
  11. Gltf not rendering in scene

    @hunts I fixed the exception. Can you try it and let me know if it works for you?