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  1. I think it will be useful, but it needs to be configurable depending on the use case. Yes, the spec does not specify how the extension should be implemented as noted in the first statement of the Overview. This is done intentionally as it depends on the use case. Examples of how the extension are used currently is listed in the spec as well here. BabylonJS is currently being used by to improve the time it takes to first render the model.
  2. @MackeyK24 Make sure the vc_redist (vc_redist.x64_msvc2015.exe) is installed. Are you running a 32-bit OS by any chance? If it's none of these, your best bet is to run the debug version (IBLBakerd.exe) and see if it outputs something useful. All else fails, need to debug it with a native debugger (like Visual Studio).
  3. @cx20 The fastest way to get an environment texture loaded is to precompute the environment texture into a DDS using IBLBaker. The instructions for this are here: Here is a playground that creates a skybox and loads a glTF:
  4. We did consider when writing the spec. This is what we ended up saying in the specification. What this practically means is that content authors should use separate meshes to allow sorting to work properly.
  5. @matdav The blob url thing is something we need to address and is a separate problem. The textures are upside down. If you look at the material's albedoTexture between glTF and Babylon, the _invertY property is false and true respectively. It looks like the serialization code is not taking some texture flags into account. /cc @Deltakosh
  6. gltf animation skipping

    @waverider No, it's not merged yet. I just noted it here for you to see. Once it's merged, it still needs to be pushed to the playground. Once that happens, then it will work.
  7. gltf animation skipping

    PR here:
  8. gltf animation skipping

    @waverider This is a bug in the loader. Will fix soon.
  9. Customize GLTF loader blob location

    @jps0611 I have a work item in the backlog to add a callback when the glTF loader loads a URI. It will allow you to do whatever you want with the URI. Short-term, you can override BABYLON.Tools.PreprocessUrl with a function that overrides the url. Note that this affects all URLs that go through BABYLON.Tools.LoadImage or BABYLON.Tools.LoadFile.
  10. @jps0611 Can you send a playground?
  11. Also, it is likely that the glTF asset you are trying to load isn't valid. Check the asset against the glTF Validator to see if it passes the checks.
  12. @HoloLite Thanks for the report!
  13. My PR for the fix is merged: It should be make it into the PG today. @Sebavan can you answer about the next alpha?
  14. This is a bug in the loader. I'll submit a fix shortly.
  15. AssetManager & sceneOptimizer contribution

    @Pierre Glibert I understand you want to replace the textures, but why do you want to replace the textures? Is replacing the textures for progressive loading so that the smaller texture loads faster? Is it for render LODs so that meshes that are farther away uses less resources? Something else?