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  1. tonyw

    touch events on PhoneGap?

    Hi, Can anyone tell me how to detect touch events on Android when using PhoneGap? This worked fine on - g_cont2 = new PIXI.Container(); g_cont2.interactive=true; g_cont2.on('pointerup', startButtonPressed); But nothing happens on PhoneGap? I'm wondering if there's some event initialisation magic I'm missing somewhere? thanks tony
  2. tonyw

    How to win at PIXI.extras.BitmapText ?

    @bubamara you're right, Sparrow does work. I must've screwed something else up when I tested that. *takes a bow*
  3. tonyw

    How to win at PIXI.extras.BitmapText ?

    bmglyph is easy to use, but its output doesn't work I might report this to pixi as their instructions are wrong. But littera does work! Yay. Thanks for the link
  4. hi, I'm trying to get bitmap fonts working, with little success. Now, the font that the pixi example uses, does work, e.g. - demo page - Bit whatever I output myself, from as recommended here - - does not work, failing with - TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'BitmapText.fonts[].size') So, I'm wondering, what exactly did they output the example font, desyrel.xml, from? I'm using the Mac exporter that they recommend. Maybe that actually doesn't work, and only the windows exporter works? Um, kinda stuck. Any ideas? thanks, Tony
  5. tonyw

    more on pixi and cocoon canvas+

    hi, yeah, but I'm afraid it's far more serious than that. The events are broken deep inside of pixi on canvas+
  6. tonyw

    more on pixi and cocoon canvas+

    re my earlier post on touch events and canvas+ ... As an experiment, I replaced the pixi from a cocoon sample app ( ) and replaced it with the latest pixi and it then broke the touch events, which simply do not work anymore. This is a serious problem! Anyone know anything about it? tony
  7. hi, just trying to get my pixi app running via's developer app. All is good but I don't get any touch events. I do this - Cocoon.Touch.enable(); renderer.plugins.interaction.autoPreventDefault = false; renderer.plugins.interaction.on('touchend', onClick); This works using a regular browser, but not on a cocoon canvas+ via their developer app. I notice cocoon is giving a bunch of errors though - Javascript Exception ( Tag: 'touchstart'): ReferenceError:: TouchEvent is not defined... and these come from somewhere in pixi it seems? I guess the real question is - how to detect touch events in cocoon / canvas+ ... any ideas? thanks tony