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  1. PBR Gradient

    I will give a try and let you know.
  2. PBR Gradient

    In my scene I have 4 meshes, 3 of them have a PBR Material. I need to render the 4th with a gradient effect. When i use the gradient material the 4th mesh is not rendered with the same values of light as the other ones because the PBR Material is using the environment reflection texture and the gradient material is not. This is the playground: Thanks for your help!
  3. PBR Gradient

    Hello, is it possible to create a PBR Gradient Material?
  4. Texture original size

    Sorry my fault, I played a little more with offset and scale and i was able to do what I was looking for.
  5. Hello, I have a big texture and a little object. I would like to use only a part of the texture to render the mesh and eventually change the texture offset. I read the docs and did a lot of tests but all the times I apply a texture to a mesh the texture is resized to the mesh size. I cannot use the sprites because the portion of the texture that i want to use has different sizes. In is possible to apply a texture to a mesh keeping the original texture size?
  6. Anti-aliasing problem

    Your solution works great! Thanks a lot.
  7. Hello, I have and object that i cannot figure out how to remove the aliasing. I tried with FxaaPostProcess but the aliasing is still there. Example: Any suggestions?
  8. There is no more need of computeWorldMatrix?
  9. Hello, I reopened the topic, the getBoundingInfo is not working when the rotation in degrees is not a divisor of 180. Example: 8 degrees is not a divisor of 180, 180 / 8 = 22.5
  10. Hello, I cannot figure out how the get an updated Bounding Box after the rotation, position or scaling of a mesh. Here the playground: Thanks in advance for the help
  11. PBR Alpha Map

    Thank you, is working great now.
  12. PBR Alpha Map

    I did a playground with the opacityTexture that i cannot make it work correctly: Could you please give a look to it?
  13. PBR Alpha Map

    Do you have any examples or documentation about the pbr.opacityTexture?
  14. PBR Alpha Map

    Does the PBR material have an Alpha Map Texture?