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  1. Nitesh

    Make profile picture CIRCULAR

    I am getting data from server for multiple user images for my card game. The images are in rectangle/square format. I want to show the image in circular format. How to do this? Is there any workaround here?
  2. I am making winning animation to play at the time when player wins., false, false); This is playing the animation for only one time. I want to play this for 3-4 times, and after final animation, it should destroy. I am doing like below: private showWinnerAnimation() {, false, false); this.mainAnimationObj.onComplete.addOnce(this.onOneAnimationComplete, this); } private onOneAnimationComplete() {, false, false); this.mainAnimationObj.onComplete.addOnce(this.onTwoAnimationComplete, this); } private onTwoAnimationComplete() {, false, false); this.mainAnimationObj.onComplete.addOnce(this.onThreeAnimationComplete, this); } private onThreeAnimationComplete() {, false, true); } This plays animation for three times. But the problem is that for the next game, the animation does not play at all (I think it's because the animation is not being destroyed for the first time). Can you please help me.