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  1. Hi again. I finally managed to find some time to play with this and Wingnut answer really helped me. I just changed a few things, and connected the values with the camera movement. I am sure there is some better way to this, but it does the job for me. Here is a playground of what I've got. Beside changing container shape, I changed calculations for puck location inside container (97, 155-156), which gave me a cleaner values to work with, and now when you change width and height of the container you don't need to tweak these values. I added scene.renderBeforeCanvas function where I update camera position and rotation for every frame depending on the joystick inputs. Thank you @Wingnut once again for your help. Really appreciate it.
  2. Hi, I have a scene with three different characters (which can be switched based on what user pick), and I have about 17 animations (skeleton bones) which I need to be able to also switch based on user input. Now, to achieve that, I need to import different mesh for every animation, because I need correct weight data for those animated skeletons to work. Meaning I need to import 1st character * 17 times, 2nd*17, 3rd*17. Which becomes a lot, especially because I think there will be more animations in the future. Here is a demo version of the app. My question would be Is there a way, and if not would it be possible to somehow transfer only weight data from 3d software (3ds max in my case) so I can load for example only one 1st character mesh and then just change weight data when needed. Or if you have any suggestion on how can I do this without loading a bunch of meshes? Thank you.
  3. Thank you @Wingnut for your response. I will try to implement this and also I got some ideas/hacks I want to try out. I will let you know how it works and if i managed to find good solution.
  4. Hi, I implemented Virtual Joystick Camera on my project. Now, my projects contains some interactions with the objects in the scene (click, touch), but as the Virtual Joystick adds canvas over the whole scene I cannot click on the objects, but instead it triggers joysticks to show. I tried changing the height of that canvas and fixing it at the bottom but then the height of the joysticks shrinks also (image joystick.png). Is there a way to control this somehow? My goal is to fix the joysticks somewhere at the bottom (so I can interact with the scene and objects in it, and to give some logic to it, because at the moment i can click anywhere on the screen and the joysticks will show, which doesn't make sense for me, especially in this project). I would also, prefer if they are visible all the time, not just when clicked. I also tried some of the methods for Virtual Joystick ( that i found in documentation), but none of those works for me So can you give me some reference or something where I can find ways to control behavior of the Joystick. Thank you.
  5. Wow, thank you @kcoley for fast response. This is what I needed. Works perfectly. Have a good one. Cheers
  6. Hi. I am visiting this forum a lot because i recently started working on several projects using babylon.js am absolutely in love with it. This is my first post/question ever tho and I hope you can help me. Also, I put "VirtualStoreProject" in the name because I believe I will have a few more questions during this so I want to I started working on Virtual Store project, and I created proof-of-concept page just to try some things out before going into the real work. Here is a link to that (looks awful at the moment I know) Now what I want to achieve is when I click on the mesh, that mash moves toward the center of the camera view. For now the implementation is not very fancy targetPosition = new BABYLON.Vector3(camera.position.x+20, camera.position.y, camera.position.z); and this only looks okay if you are looking straight at the mesh and you are not too close to a wall in front of you (in case you do, the mesh goes outside). Another question I want to ask is if there are some TriggerVolumes (as they are called in Unreal Engine 4) inside Babylon. So that i only can use some inputs and interact with meshes when I am inside that volume. I've kinda implemented this in the demo using the distance between the active camera and the hit after scene.pick() method. pickResult = scene.pick(scene.pointerX, scene.pointerY); currentMesh = pickResult.pickedMesh; if (!"env") && pickResult.distance < 80) but I am not sure if that is good solution for this project. Thank you all for the help. I hope you have a good day.
  7. Yes, true. I asked some people and turns out it only doesn't work properly for me. My friend who i work with pointed out that issue yesterday, and today he says it works fine on his computer. Funny. Anyway, as long it works where it need to work I am not worried thank you guys for help anyway, I appreciate your time.
  8. Google Chrome Version 58.0.3029.110 (64-bit) and Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
  9. Hi, here is URL to my project: I am new to all of this and i'm not sure what unpack flip y is and how it affects different browsers. Also here is a link to my JS script i wrote for this project. This was the first time i used babylon.js and it is kinda messy. After BUTTON SCRIPT part you will see CANVAS SCRIPT where all babylon stuff happen. I hope it helps. It is really weird to me that Google Chrome did this because i did not change anything and it worked just fine at the beginning. Thank you
  10. Hello, first i want to apologize for possible grammar mistakes, English is not my mother language. Some time ago I made a Lift (Elevator) configurator and it all worked just fine in all browsers (including Google Chrome). Today I discovered that something happened with textures but only when I open in Google Chrome (Mozilla and Safari are still working just fine). On picture 01 is scrnshot from Mozilla and picture 02 is from Google Chrome. Any ideas why this happened? Thanks