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  1. Interesting to know Your results on the Appstore. How are You going to monetize it?
  2. Nice little game. Very interesting to know you experience in putting it on facebook.
  3. Good idea, but very few features (simple and rotating square). Maybe you should add other features to keep the players in the game for a longer period of time.
  4. You have such a huge portfolio! I played Wizard quest - pleasant game, good graphics and atmosphere. But i didn't understand the difference between different kinds of damage (earth, fire etc). I think you should explain it to the player.
  5. Fun game, but the gameplay has no development, no new features. Players may become boring after several rounds.
  6. Interesting idea, but I think the game is not for wide audience. Most people are very far from programming. Are You going to monetize it?
  7. Wow! You are cool, how do You manage to do so much work alone?
  8. It wasn't clear to me at first that the time (3 min) is given to me for all 3 rounds (not for one). Secondly, the round with outlines was much more difficult for me than that with words.
  9. Very interesting idea of Copycat game!