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  1. Question - I've encountered some unexpected behavior when using both a StackPanel and Button in the Babylon.GUI package. I've created a playground ( which duplicates the issues. I create a StackPanel, and add a button to it, which works fine: I click it, and I can see it is responding to that. I then add a TextBlock. but then the button appears not to be responding to the event. In my actual code, I have a Observable (via onPointerDownObservable.add), which fails to occur: in the playground code, you can see the button fail to trigger the default action instead. Any ideas what I've down wrong?
  2. Searching scene for Animatable's

    An Animatable - based on the source code you've linked (which I'd already seen), it appears to maintain a list of active animations. I'm asking for confirmation that the list doesn't contain animation that haven't started.
  3. Question about scene.getAnimatableByTarget - I'm failing to find a table for an animation I know is in scene, and the only reason I can think why it's not returning is because the animation has been loaded, but not started/stop. Does getAnimatableByTarget work on all tables, or only active ones? Many thanks.
  4. Babylon.GUI StackPanel error

    After 30 years of programming, it's still the simple bugs that slip past. Thanks mate! P
  5. Babylon.GUI StackPanel error

    Hope someone can help with this one - started playing with Babylon.GUI today, and worked up to the StackPanel object. My code was throwing a 't._link is not a function' error, which I've managed to duplicate in this playground : Now, the playground mentioned in the documentation ( seems identical, but does work. I am a JS novice, so it might be something more obvious to others: but whats going on? Cheers!
  6. Babylon files and Animations

    Yeah, all sorted - got the scene loading and rendering fine now, plus the animated camera kicks off nicely. Thanks for the follow up.
  7. Babylon files and Animations

    OK, just to partially answer my own question : SceneLoader.Append appears to do what I want. Now to figure out what things appear black...
  8. Hi all - Quick question about Babylon files. I have one with meshes, cameras with animations, etc. All sorts of goodness: what is the recommended method of importing this file, and having access to all the associated objects inside? I've been using ImportMesh, which works fine for importing meshes and textures. It's not clear to me, though, how I instantiate the other data types within the babylon file. Many thanks!