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  1. In fact I do not know why we talk about 3d.It is simply 4 point scales. !we have no Z Axe here , only a manual scale 4 per point limitI made a fast gif here to show .We have only XY AXE with a anchor to center. If I understand correctly, pixi only allows the scale by 2 points and not 4 ?
  2. ok pixi 5 will have z index for 3d and perspective ?
  3. ok i will check. My engine on node.js run with pixi 4.4.1
  4. can we do this with pixi sprite?
  5. hi friend /** * The scale modes that are supported by pixi. * * The [email protected] PIXI.settings.SCALE_MODE} scale mode affects the default scaling mode of future operations. * It can be re-assigned to either LINEAR or NEAREST, depending upon suitability. * * @static * @constant * @memberof PIXI * @name SCALE_MODES * @type {object} * @property {number} LINEAR Smooth scaling * @property {number} NEAREST Pixelating scaling */ var SCALE_MODES = exports.SCALE_MODES = { LINEAR: 0, NEAREST: 1 }; /** so try this at boot game, or in game befor load texture and sprite PIXI.settings.SCALE_MODE = 1;
  6. Hi everyoneIs there a tool to generate a live preview of the Matrix PIXI.I'm talking about being able to preview live the transformation of a sprite, and get the code.I find it very long and hard to do a lot of rending testing each faith to search the good behavior.It would be really great if someone could make a small live generation tool. (HTML) i made a sample on PS To help understand my need. I hope this overview helps to understand. Ideally, it be something similar to this awesome tools by Karl Matt (bigtimebuddy) I would be very happy if a similar tool would exist. thank
  7. hi, is pixi Texture.fromVideo, can take quicktime (.mov) file from after effect , with the Alpha chanel ? thank
  8. pixi.text

    +1 for your color piker && import features
  9. pixi.text

    thank to bigtimebuddy from for issu:
  10. pixi.text

    in the css you can change the class row .row { padding-top: 0px; !important padding-bottom: 0px;!important } and remove margin-left: auto; */ from container page I find more nice and easy to read without padding between each row. or maybe 1 or 2 for padding
  11. pixi.text

    you are awsome thank a lot friend
  12. pixi.text

    It would be something like that, but I'm not sufficiently good with html5 and and javascript. i work on node.js Ideally to offer live changes
  13. pixi.text

    thank but This is the official page for pixi demo. It's even longer than in my application with node js. I would really like to have a page with sliders and buttons to change parameters, rather than writing in console.log and making 100's of ctrl+c ctrl+v !!! a easy way to control this . { align: 'right', breakWords: false, //Break words between any two letters on wordWrap dropShadow: false, dropShadowAngle: Math.PI / 6, dropShadowBlur: 0, dropShadowColor: '#000000', dropShadowDistance: 5, fill: 'black', fillGradientType: TEXT_GRADIENT.LINEAR_VERTICAL, fontFamily: 'Arial', fontSize: 26, fontStyle: 'normal', //normal|italic|oblique|initial|inherit fontVariant: 'normal', //normal|small-caps|initial|inherit fontWeight: 'normal', //normal|bold|bolder|lighter|number|initial|inherit|900|600|400 letterSpacing: 0, lineHeight: 0, lineJoin: 'miter', //"bevel|round|miter" miterLimit: 10, padding: 0, stroke: 'black', strokeThickness: 0, textBaseline: 'alphabetic', //"alphabetic|top|hanging|middle|ideographic|bottom" wordWrap: false, wordWrapWidth: 100, }
  14. EDIT: TANKS TO :Jammy EDITOR: TANKS TO :bigtimebuddy FROM EDITOR: SOURCE: ___________________________________________________________ hi !, is there a pixi.text generator for the style. Because I find it very long to try different configuration styles without preview. similar as pixi-particles but for the text style ? thank a lot for help