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  1. PIXI Matrix, Skew live Generator Tools ???

    In fact I do not know why we talk about 3d.It is simply 4 point scales. !we have no Z Axe here , only a manual scale 4 per point limitI made a fast gif here to show .We have only XY AXE with a anchor to center. If I understand correctly, pixi only allows the scale by 2 points and not 4 ?
  2. PIXI Matrix, Skew live Generator Tools ???

    ok pixi 5 will have z index for 3d and perspective ?
  3. PIXI Matrix, Skew live Generator Tools ???

    ok i will check. My engine on node.js run with pixi 4.4.1
  4. PIXI Matrix, Skew live Generator Tools ???

    can we do this with pixi sprite?
  5. How To Disable Pixi Sprite Smoothing?

    hi friend /** * The scale modes that are supported by pixi. * * The {@link PIXI.settings.SCALE_MODE} scale mode affects the default scaling mode of future operations. * It can be re-assigned to either LINEAR or NEAREST, depending upon suitability. * * @static * @constant * @memberof PIXI * @name SCALE_MODES * @type {object} * @property {number} LINEAR Smooth scaling * @property {number} NEAREST Pixelating scaling */ var SCALE_MODES = exports.SCALE_MODES = { LINEAR: 0, NEAREST: 1 }; /** so try this at boot game, or in game befor load texture and sprite PIXI.settings.SCALE_MODE = 1;
  6. Hi everyoneIs there a tool to generate a live preview of the Matrix PIXI.I'm talking about being able to preview live the transformation of a sprite, and get the code.I find it very long and hard to do a lot of rending testing each faith to search the good behavior.It would be really great if someone could make a small live generation tool. (HTML) i made a sample on PS To help understand my need. I hope this overview helps to understand. Ideally, it be something similar to this awesome tools by Karl Matt (bigtimebuddy) I would be very happy if a similar tool would exist. thank
  7. hi, is pixi Texture.fromVideo, can take quicktime (.mov) file from after effect , with the Alpha chanel ? thank
  8. Pixi Text Style Generator ? [SOLVED]

    +1 for your color piker && import features
  9. Pixi Text Style Generator ? [SOLVED]

    thank to bigtimebuddy from for issu:
  10. Pixi Text Style Generator ? [SOLVED]

    in the css you can change the class row .row { padding-top: 0px; !important padding-bottom: 0px;!important } and remove margin-left: auto; */ from container page I find more nice and easy to read without padding between each row. or maybe 1 or 2 for padding
  11. Pixi Text Style Generator ? [SOLVED]

    you are awsome thank a lot friend
  12. Pixi Text Style Generator ? [SOLVED]

    It would be something like that, but I'm not sufficiently good with html5 and and javascript. i work on node.js Ideally to offer live changes
  13. Pixi Text Style Generator ? [SOLVED]

    thank but This is the official page for pixi demo. It's even longer than in my application with node js. I would really like to have a page with sliders and buttons to change parameters, rather than writing in console.log and making 100's of ctrl+c ctrl+v !!! a easy way to control this . { align: 'right', breakWords: false, //Break words between any two letters on wordWrap dropShadow: false, dropShadowAngle: Math.PI / 6, dropShadowBlur: 0, dropShadowColor: '#000000', dropShadowDistance: 5, fill: 'black', fillGradientType: TEXT_GRADIENT.LINEAR_VERTICAL, fontFamily: 'Arial', fontSize: 26, fontStyle: 'normal', //normal|italic|oblique|initial|inherit fontVariant: 'normal', //normal|small-caps|initial|inherit fontWeight: 'normal', //normal|bold|bolder|lighter|number|initial|inherit|900|600|400 letterSpacing: 0, lineHeight: 0, lineJoin: 'miter', //"bevel|round|miter" miterLimit: 10, padding: 0, stroke: 'black', strokeThickness: 0, textBaseline: 'alphabetic', //"alphabetic|top|hanging|middle|ideographic|bottom" wordWrap: false, wordWrapWidth: 100, }
  14. EDIT: TANKS TO :Jammy EDITOR: TANKS TO :bigtimebuddy FROM EDITOR: SOURCE: ___________________________________________________________ hi !, is there a pixi.text generator for the style. Because I find it very long to try different configuration styles without preview. similar as pixi-particles but for the text style ? thank a lot for help