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  1. jonforum

    Font is not Rendered on Safari

    how did you load your fonts ? are you able to share your code ? load_fonts(){ const fonts = [ {name:"ArchitectsDaughter", url:"fonts/ArchitectsDaughter.ttf"}, {name:"zBirdyGame", url:"fonts/zBirdyGame.ttf"}, ]; fonts.forEach(font => { const style = document.createElement('style'); style.appendChild(document.createTextNode(` @font-face { font-family: '${}'; font-style: normal; font-weight: 700; src: url("${font.url}"); } `)); document.getElementsByTagName('head').item(0).appendChild(style); const div = document.createElement('div'); =; document.body.appendChild(div);/* Initiates download in Firefox, IE 9+ */ div.innerHTML = 'Content.';/* Initiates download in WebKit/Blink */ }); let checkFonts = setInterval(()=>{ if( fonts.every(e => document.fonts.check(`12px ${}`) )){ this.fonts = fonts; clearInterval(checkFonts); this.load(); } },60); };
  2. jonforum

    text message dataBase and localisation manager

    thanks @ivan.popelyshev for tips, it solved now. so i will work in scv and with a regex parser. So for those who might be interested in the same subject. Since there is no subject related to that. here a nice ways.. make a sheets with tabs save in SCV and you will get this id;targetCode;frCA;enUS;ar;jp;ru;sp;;;;;; pancart_p1m1_01;0;Salut ceci est une exemple ${i.exp}. Voici l'astuce qui � ${test} Ce text est compatible es6. ;Hi This is an example ${i.exp}. Here's the trick that... ${test} this text is compatible es6.;????? ??? ?? ???? ???? ${i.exp}. ??? ?? ??????... ${??????} ??? ???? ?? es6 ???????.;??????????? ${i.exp} ????????????... ${test} ?????????????? es6?;?????? ??? ?????? ${i.exp}. ??? ????... ${?????????} ???? ????? ???????? ??????????? es6.;Hola este es un ejemplo, ${i.exp}. Aqu� est� el truco... ${prueba} este texto es compatible es6.;;;;;; ;1;ceci est un autre paragraphe, asigner a un personage suivant ! ;This is another paragraph, sign has a following character.;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;; demo_intro_b001;;;;;;;;;;;;; use or install a regex parser in your app ex: and load CSV sheets ex: in pixiJS load_textsSCV(){ const loader = new PIXI.loaders.Loader(); loader.add('eventMessagesData', `data/eventMessage.csv`); loader.load(); loader.onProgress.add((loader, res) => { const dataParsed = Papa.parse(; $texts.initializeFromData(dataParsed); }); loader.onComplete.add((loader, res) => { this._textsSCVLoaded = true; this.load() }); }; And here the final formated data parsed structure to use in your game. enjoys
  3. Hi, what king of tool can allow me to manage a text dataBase in Json or javascript ? What the good practice and best way to manage this easily. Example in javascript , it little hard to read and find a message text reference. ! I am open to any suggestion and different approach. I thought I might be looking at Excel and with a JSON converter written in VBA maybe ? class _texts{ constructor(localisation) { localisation = localisation || 'frCa'; this.Conv_Q0I5a_0000 = { frCa:[ ], enUS:[ ], frFR:[ ], ru:[ ], }; this.Conv_Q0I5a_0001 = { frCa:[ ], enUS:[ ], frFR:[ ], ru:[ ], }; }; };
  4. jonforum

    Pause interactions

    did you add the share tikers to app ? when your create your app, try sharedTicker:true class _app extends PIXI.Application { constructor() { super({ //width: 1920, //height: 1080, //antialias: true, // transparent: false, // resolution: 1, sharedTicker:true, //backgroundColor: 0x303030 // powerPreference: SLI&CrossFire GPU, TODO: study me }); //this.nwjs = this.isNwjs() && this.initNwjs(); // //auto-start devTool chromium // document.body.onresize = () => { this.scaleToWindow() }; }; If it not work for any reason, look in ` $app.renderer.plugins.interaction `
  5. jonforum

    [Advice] Animation plugin

    You describe a timeLine here ? Did you take a look on this api
  6. jonforum

    how can I use mouse to draw a line

    take a look in graphics features ,quadLine , bezierCurve, bezierLine, arc ... some example here can help you to achieve what you want. And use generate Texture to create a sprite. let quadLine = new Graphics(); quadLine.lineStyle(4, 0x000000, 1); quadLine.moveTo(32, 128); quadLine.quadraticCurveTo(128, 20, 224, 128); stage.addChild(quadLine); source:
  7. jonforum

    How to decrease heating up computer.

    i good way to check if your doing something wrong. you can also check other big game. example here starcraft , is hold my cpu between. ~13 ~20 % in the static menu. and my project on pixi `nwjs` 6~16% in game. It a little nice way to check if you do something wrong. If you little 2d game get cpu over AAA game, maybe you need some optimisation.
  8. jonforum

    PIXI - many filters cause fps drop

    yes glow filters are very bad huge cpu computing You can maybe try to create a new cache textures with your [sprites+filters], it a solution if you not need to anime the grow filters. ~~ 18% cpu on the pixi filter demo
  9. jonforum

    PIXI - many filters cause fps drop

    can you try someSprite._filters = [myFilter] on my side i can hold over 150 filter , with i7.920 gtx 1070 what your machine ? and what filter you use ?
  10. jonforum

    Splitscreen game in Pixi?

    take a look how this korean guy do it . It will maybe help you.
  11. jonforum

    Resizing Game Problem

    yep me to, try with @ivan.popelyshev it a magic russian dev from pixiJs . But on my side i was try but i can not help you more sorry my friend.
  12. jonforum

    Resizing Game Problem

    hum , i don't know, the code i share you work for my side. Example here at right, i have my app set to 1920x1080 resized to to fake mobile frame ~~767x431 and it work . i have no idea where is your issue, it strange, maybe we don't have similar context. humm...
  13. jonforum

    Resizing Game Problem

    Are you able to send a printScreen or preview of result what you target? Your sprite does not mean much, not knowing what it should represent. If you can send a target result vs current result , this can help to understand what your target behavior.
  14. jonforum

    Resizing Game Problem

    to get ratio of scale based on your resolution you can create a custom global method // Get a ratio for resize in a bounds function getRatio(obj, w, h) { let r = Math.min(w / obj.width, h / obj.height); return r; }; this will based on you max resolution game. In 2d sprite game, alway make ressource more resolution from what you really need for take zoom. Also Example triks on my side is 1920x1080 max resolution screen, but i build all my ressource for a 8k game, so when i zoom, i don't have pixel issue or need compute on another textures. so app.stage.scale.set ( getRatio(app.stage,maxWidth,maxHeight) ); should help you