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  1. jonforum

    What does it take to learn Pixi?

    will your book be translated into several languages by an editor?
  2. jonforum

    What does it take to learn Pixi?

    On my side, i learned html, css, js, nwjs and after pixijs i use rmmv, it a jpn software and basic framework using pixijs and nwjs in background, and very easy to debug experiment and learn. Open source so a lot of plugin made by comunauty are available with pixijs modules.
  3. jonforum

    Combining sprites into a single sprite

    let renderer = PIXI.autoDetectRenderer(64, 64); var container = new PIXI.Container(); let sprite1 = new PIXI.Sprite(PIXI.utils.TextureCache["MySprite.png"]); let sprite2 = new PIXI.Sprite(PIXI.utils.TextureCache["MySprite.png"]); sprite1.x = 0; sprite1.y = 0; sprite2.x = 32; sprite2.y = 0; container.addChild(sprite1, sprite2); renderer.render(container); // force rendering stage or container ? var tex = renderer.generateTexture(container); // container with all your sprites as children var combinedSprite = new PIXI.Sprite(tex); _app.stage.addChild(combinedSprite); am not sure because my stage are autoRender when i test, it work on my side, but in your case did you render the container before or your stage ? Try ithis and tell me . and look what @bubamara say, it true, i don't know you app source code, but logicly you have to preload all your game image before.
  4. jonforum

    Combining sprites into a single sprite

    hum ok , but first it a good idea to read all basic tutorial. And yes it true, for other tips and trick you need to ask a pixi pro
  5. jonforum

    Combining sprites into a single sprite

    you can also try const tex = renderer.generateTexture(Container); // container with all your sprites as children const combinedSprite = new PIXI.Sprite(tex); Stage.addChild(combinedSprite); this should create a new texture with the current container and childrens And then you create a new sprite with this texture.
  6. jonforum

    Combining sprites into a single sprite

    hi, the tricks is to add your sprites [children] in a container. Then render the container as texture. Also take a look to renderer.extract.canvas(renderTexture) if this can help
  7. jonforum

    Problem rendering web fonts

    seem work on my side ? or am not understand your issue ! ?
  8. jonforum

    Text is searchable?

    SearchEngine don't look inside JS. You can make a tricks, each time you create a new PIXI texte, also create in document a pure html div with your text. Use CSS for hidden your text. Also read for learn how Google, or other searchEngine compute the SEO and ban cheaters. this it a old practice, but you can try search what google now allowing .
  9. jonforum

    How to tween with Pixi
  10. also for Unexpected token s in JSON at position 1 it can be from your spine builder. Update your software and build again the Spines Files. Be shure you have the last spine version in your json. "skeleton": { "hash": "O1AWSDiL/YgsybuuOr3c1JnIFs4", "spine": "3.7.19-beta", "width": 64, "height": 102, "images": "../images/", "audio": "C:/Users/jonle/Documents/Games/anft_1.6.1/data2/boot/P/cur/source/spine" },
  11. jonforum

    How to tween with Pixi

    on my side i use, GSAP and you also have a super community work with PIXI. So if you work with this tween engine, you will get a lot of more tips and help on this forum for start with the API. It also free for the light libs. Search tag: pixi
  12. Did you have same issue if you run in fireFox ? If work in fireFox, it because you bad config your local security acces with chrome web client. here more help about this and how hack argument from your chrome web browser. Alternative for chrome, are chromium with nwjs.
  13. you maybe have a bad file, bad path or bad server setup. i think the resource not load. ... maybe
  14. can you try something like this var stage = new PIXI.Container(); // load spine data const loader = new PIXI.loaders.Loader(); // create new loader const name = "main"; const dir = "required/assets/scenes/arena/skeleton.json"; // plz check it correct path loader.add(name, dir); loader.load(); loader.onProgress.add((loader, res) => { // onprogress executed once each file loaded console.log('res: ', res); if(res.extension.contains("json")){ console.log('res.spineData: ', res.spineData); // if undefined , your path are wrong. if(res.spineData){ const spine = new PIXI.spine.Spine(res.spineData); console.log('spine: ', spine); } } }); loader.onComplete.add((loader, res) => { // execute once when all file loaded console.log('res: ', res); // this loader finish }); you can also have a buggy spine. Try to build a new atlas,json, from the software spine with the last version. What version of sofware you used for build your spine ?
  15. loader.onProgress.add((loader, res) => { if(res.extension.contains("json")){ if(res.spineData){ const spine = new PIXI.spine.Spine(res.spineData); } }; });