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  1. so maybe try this , sorry am poor in german or russian // hack update Kampf_Container´┐Ż.update = function(detla){ Kampf_Anfang.anim.update(1);
  2. ok i have solution for you my friend. not sure since when, but now all animations Sprites also include Video elements need to hack update. I don't know if it chromium and node js or the new rmmv core 1.6.1 , but pixi tikers not seem scoped animore to the update. Need to do it manually. PIXI.loader .add('titleScene/bgsTextCommands.json') .load(onAssetsLoaded); function onAssetsLoaded(){ // create an array of textures from an image path var frames = []; for (var i = 0; i < 15; i++) { var val = i < 10 ? '0' + i : i; frames.push(PIXI.Texture.fromFrame('bgTextCommand_000' + val )); }; // here the way // create a container and animation sprite var aniContainer = new PIXI.Container(); var aniSprite = new PIXI.extras.AnimatedSprite(frames); aniContainer.addChild(aniSprite); // hack update tiker (rmmv chromium seem not take anymore the core shared tiker, i don't know why) // you need to scope the tikers or force a default value. aniContainer.update = function(detla=1){ aniSprite.update(detla); } // add container to rendered screen SceneManager._scene.children[0].addChild(aniContainer); } also @ivan.popelyshev i you have any idea why it look like that now !, am interested to know note if we force run project on firefox it working no need hack !! But in rmmv, with chromium and nwjs, we need manually hack.
  3. yes very strange , it work if we run your project on web fireFox But not in rmmv (chromium) on firefox if you add console log in AnimatedSprite.prototype.update = function update(deltaTime) { ... it will work. but with your project , if we run it in rmmv, the AnimatedSprite.prototype.update from pixi.Animation just not work, i don't know why sorry my friend. It very strange ! .onComplete() will not work because it called inside the AnimatedSprite.prototype.update Maybe you have a plugin that replace the update .. or i don't know ... hard to say..
  4. jonforum

    PIXI current versions in the future ?

    my personal opinion is that pixiGuys make a lot of effort to alert retroCompatibility. When a code becomes obsolete, your program works but you get alerted that changes are being made. so the risks are minor, if you work neatly. However I think that v.5 will be very different from v.4 these confirmed, but I have read some discussion, and this should not be too difficult to update. Ideally, it is necessary to work by module, thus during a critical update, only the modules updated need to be modified. Rarely the integral logic of your application.
  5. jonforum


    you do nothing wrong!, like ivan say, try look your rendering engine. webgl || canvas. You can also use pixi-heaven for color in black your sprite
  6. jonforum


    work for me, di you try build once filter?, why build in loop? this.filters = [ // cache somes filters reference new PIXI.filters.OutlineFilter(4, 0x2d2d2d), new PIXI.filters.ColorMatrixFilter(), new PIXI.filters.OutlineFilter(8, 0xffffff), ]; this.filters[1].desaturate();
  7. on my side, my loader are a scene.
  8. jonforum

    Get FPS of game

    if you use chromium or chrome you can set arg --show-fps-counter for app simply add custom flag inside the package.json ! the flag are "chromium-args" : "--show-fps-counter"
  9. jonforum

    Improving performance of video used as a mask

    the printscreen was an old example customize, every context is different. Otherwise a little idea like that. I'm just making a suggestion. what do you think about: *to create a sequence png of your animation mask with resolution divided by / 2 or 4. (it should be rather light especially that the mask is in black or white) *Compute a spriteSheet with texturePacker *Use pixi SpriteSheet Animation and scale * 2 or 4 + use as alpha mask. ? it will maybe just little more blur because your will use scale. it's just an idea like that if you can not find another solution with someone else. SpriteSheet Animation is ultrafast performance, but she will ask you a little more work.
  10. jonforum

    Improving performance of video used as a mask

    you maybe do something wrong because my i7 run a 65% pick when animation run! It very bad performance for a simple video fx. the codecs can be important. what codec did you use, did you try some other libs ?? i don't have issues with vp9 a good link here about web codec
  11. jonforum

    Delta time is ruining my animations

    maybe this can help you.
  12. jonforum

    Spine documentation for PixiJS

    also api guire here
  13. jonforum


    on my side all element are in a map Container, and camera move map. The stage are parent for map container. So for get reel position with zoom and camera position. (for position stage, try use pivotXY instead of positionXY) this example debug give me the reel position of mouse , and also the object in stage and inside the map container. camera position are bind the container pivot. mapX: ${ (this.x/$camera.zoom.x)+$camera.position.x } mapY: ${ (this.y/$camera.zoom.y)+$camera.position.y } ||
  14. jonforum

    Pixel perfect click

    so cool hop you you will find you solution. But I'm take a try hum if example your create a kind of mask rendering, and your use it [alpha] for detect rendering hex pixel ? it only a suggest , do you think it can work ? your context is rather specialized, I'm not sure that I can be of a good help.
  15. jonforum

    Pixel perfect click

    a idea like this. i was vey love the system by this guy . it was a pixel detection. if i remember, you create a (duplicate rgb) to detect collision. look ont work of this guy i don't know if this can help you, but this great idea are creat a clown with rgb. example here red are pixel collision. in this demo , i just photoshop with red hexa #FF0000 and use pixel detection overlap with hex. It a cool way to do it.