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  1. Hi, I am developing game using phaser frame framework. I want to know the different ways to make money from game. Can I really make money by developing games using phaser ? please help me ?
  2. Hi , I am newly developing game using phaser frame work. I want to know where to to buy the game graphics?
  3. arun

    How to Make spritesheet

    Hi friends, How to make sprite sheet and which is the opensource software for making sprite sheet ? Where to buy game art?
  4. Hi friends, I am a new 2d game developer. I want to make my own project and earn enough money from living is it possible? please hep me.
  5. arun

    Game Art

    Hi friends, I am a new phaser game developer. I am facing with graphics problems. where can I bring graphics? or how can make my own graphics graphics using free and opensource software
  6. Hi, friends, What is the major difference between phaser 2 and phaser 3. Is Phaser 3 completely developed to use
  7. hi, friends, I am a new in phaser framework. I am confusing about "this " keyword while using in Phaser States . please help me.
  8. arun

    Code not understood

    Hi friends, I don't understand the following code . please help me this.bullets = []; this.nextShotAt = 0; this.shotDelay = 100; fire: function() { if (this.nextShotAt > { return; } this.nextShotAt = + this.shotDelay; var bullet = this.add.sprite(this.player.x, this.player.y - 20, 'bullet'); bullet.anchor.setTo(0.5, 0.5) ; this.physics.enable(bullet, Phaser.Physics.ARCADE); bullet.body.velocity.y = -500; this.bullets.push(bullet); }
  9. arun

    Game Graphics

    Hi friends, Can I make professional game graphics with Inkscape or any other opensource graphics software?
  10. arun

    Inkscape Graphics

    Hi friends, I am a new Phaser game developer but I am facing the problems with graphics. Where can i find the graphics of my game or how to do it better. Can I use Inkscape for the graphics. Please help me.
  11. arun

    What is context

    Hi, friends, what is context in this code "game.add.button(x, y, name, callback, context) " and why this is used in place of context in this code "this.muteButton = game.add.button(20, 20, 'mute', this.toggleSound, this);
  12. arun

    code not understood

    Hi friends, I am new in Phaser game development. I don't understand the following code below please help me var gameTitle = function(game){} gameTitle.prototype = { create: function(){
  13. arun

    Code not understood

    Hi friends, I am new in Phaser game development. When I followed a tutorial monster wants candy i found the following codes that I don't understand. Please help me. var Candy = {}; Candy.Boot = function(game){}; Candy.Boot.prototype = {
  14. arun

    Game Programming Pattern

    Hi friends, I am new in game development with phaser. I am always confused with the programming pattern of development. Which pattern should I follow for better programming. Please help me
  15. arun

    Phaser time

    Hi friends, the code below if (this.nextShotAt> is not understood. is indicates the system's clock time or else? fire: function() { if (this.nextShotAt > { return; } if (this.bulletPool.countDead() === 0) { return; } this.nextShotAt = + this.shotDelay