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  1. Help a noob!

    Good to know! I'll start exploring Phaser as an option as well. I also came across CreateJS, which looks quite similar to Pixi. Checking that out too. Thanks for all your help, @mattstyles!
  2. Help a noob!

    Thanks for all the help, guys! Although I'll have to apologise, I think I may have over-simplified the project I'm talking about. While it IS essentially a graphic novel, the reason I was leaning towards Pixi was mainly because it will also have a few game elements in there. For example, the protagonist of the story always keeps a journal, which can be checked at any time and is constantly updated with new information about other characters, new clues, etc. I'll basically need to keep this consistent across all levels of the game. So, would Pixi allow me to do something like this? Can Pixi transition from one "Stage" to another, and then back to the same Stage, with all variable states intact? (I'm assuming the journal would be a separate stage) There is also a persistent health bar, which is the same from the start of a chapter through to the end. If you've played the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney games, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. @mattstyles Oh great, I didn't know about that. I'm coming straight out of a UDK/UE4 background, so I'm still figuring my way about JS and git and all that good stuff. While I did check out Phaser as well (no hands-on experience, just saw their site and a few examples) I think it would be too bloated in the end for this project. There's just way too much in there that I would never need. Plus, Pixi seems like it's a lot more flexible. @bubamara Wow Chat Mapper looks really good! Definitely something I can see myself experimenting with. Thanks for pointing it out!
  3. Help a noob!

    Hey guys! I'm starting a new project and I think this is the best place I can find some help. The way the story progresses in this upcoming project is very akin to an interactive graphic novel. I was wondering, would Pixi be the way to go? I see in one of their showcases they do in fact have a graphic novel in there, but I'm absolutely lost about how to start creating something like that. As far as I can understand, Pixi doesn't have global variables, right? So for example if the reader makes a choice in Chapter 1, is it possible to call that variable in Chapter 2? I'm exploring Pixi because it's a project focusing on mobile devices first, desktop browsers second. For app creation, I'm looking at Cordova/Crosswalk. Anyone who could point me in the right direction? Any advice is greatly appreciated!