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  1. Yeah it's the solution I'm going with for now. It's a little dirty, but it works. Firefox has PointerEvents disabled by default so Pixi falls back to mouse event callbacks if they are disabled / not supported by the current browser.
  2. onmouseup(e){ e.which == 3} will be the right click link to issue https://github.com/pixijs/pixi.js/issues/4048
  3. Thanks. Looks like it's a bug with PointerEvents because if I set window.PointerEvent = null it falls back to mouse events and works. I opened an issue on GitHub. Mouseup also tracks onContextMenu up.
  4. I am having issues with mouse events firing properly. If the left mouse button is held down and you right click it is not fired and vice versa. I have them working properly solo. Any ideas? Thanks.