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  1. Ha no wild goose chases. I learned a tons while going through this! Thanks again @Wingnut! JPS
  2. Your solution is awesome @Wingnut. Interestingly, while investing your solution I discovered I was able to get the children pulled into the created instance. I think I may have had a bug in my code wherein I was only looking at the object in memory...not in the scene. When I've got some time tonight I'll whip up a playground to illustrate.
  3. Thanks so much @Wingnut! Let me spend some time diving into the details of this implementation. But at first blush this looks exactly like what I need! JPS
  4. Howdy, Is it possible to create a group that contains a few meshes and then create instances of that group which includes the child meshes? How might one go about doing so? Thus far my attempts to create an instance of the group on creates the transform node but no children. Thanks! JPS
  5. Ah! Great suggestion...let me roll with that for a bit. Thanks so much! JPS
  6. Howdy, I'm struggling to conceptualize how I would tackle solving the following task. Imagine you have a scene as displayed in the attachment. I would like to bind scroll to moving the camera along a predefined path. Breaking it down into do I: Attach a Camera to a predefined path? Allow a user to move the camera along that path? Any suggestions that might point me in the right direction? @Deltakosh Thanks, JPS
  7. Invisible ground, yet has shadows

    Derp! Yup that was it! Thank you kindly!
  8. Invisible ground, yet has shadows

    I'm struggling to get this working correctly with the 3.1 alpha. Still seeing: BJS - [00:59:47]: Babylon.js engine (v3.1-alpha) launched pen.js:47 Uncaught TypeError: BABYLON.ShadowOnlyMaterial is not a constructor at createScene (pen.js:47:21) at pen.js:82:13 Looks like I'm missing something obvious.