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  1. Ok! Let me poke around a bit with this. Thanks!
  2. jps0611

    Playground debug view like Codepen?

    Awesome! Thanks so much for clueing me in! JPS
  3. Howdy @Deltakosh, Is there a way to create a debug view that hides the editor chrome of a given playground like Codepen does? This would be tremendously beneficial for sending prototypes around my team. Here's how CodePen handles it: Editor View: Debug View: Maybe this already exists and I'm missing it? Love Babylon! JPS
  4. Also related...on black I am noticing artifacts on the right edge of the plane with the Targa:
  5. Are there performance implications of using a Targa over PNG?
  6. It sure does! My targa came right out of Photoshop CC...any documentation around the Targa support?
  7. Confirmed that this issue is also present while using the SpriteManager.
  8. @DeltakoshHmmm my Targa doesn't seem to playing nice:
  9. Does the Sprite manager offer better refinement here?
  10. Howdy friends! I've noticed that if I use either the alpha channel of a diffuseTexture or an opacityTexture, there are really bad artifacts around the edge of the alpha channel on iOS. Consider this playground: On Desktop all seems ok: But on iOS i'm getting: @Deltakosh is there some magic ingredient i'm missing to refine the edges of the alpha channel? Thanks! JPS
  11. jps0611

    GLTF Beer Pong Game in Babylon

    Done and done! Thanks @Deltakosh
  12. jps0611

    GLTF Beer Pong Game in Babylon

    @Deltakosh we would be thrilled beyond belief! Whatever we can do to help spread the word on Babylon. Thanks for all your help. We've got an even bigger Babylon project coming down the pipeline slated for release in about a month. You've really helped make Babylon.js a staple of our interactive project workstream. Stay tuned! Justin
  13. jps0611

    GLTF Beer Pong Game in Babylon

  14. jps0611

    GLTF Beer Pong Game in Babylon

  15. jps0611

    GLTF Beer Pong Game in Babylon