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  1. jps0611

    GLTF Beer Pong Game in Babylon

    Done and done! Thanks @Deltakosh
  2. jps0611

    GLTF Beer Pong Game in Babylon

    @Deltakosh we would be thrilled beyond belief! Whatever we can do to help spread the word on Babylon. Thanks for all your help. We've got an even bigger Babylon project coming down the pipeline slated for release in about a month. You've really helped make Babylon.js a staple of our interactive project workstream. Stay tuned! Justin
  3. jps0611

    GLTF Beer Pong Game in Babylon

  4. jps0611

    GLTF Beer Pong Game in Babylon

  5. jps0611

    GLTF Beer Pong Game in Babylon

  6. Howdy friends! I'm proud to share my first production WebGL project: (Scroll down to enter the game mode) Uses: GLTF assets Metallic Roughness Physics Camera Movements Force Touch on compatible devices Screenshots: Huge thanks to the community for helping answer my questions as I got up to speed! Especially @Deltakosh @bghgary @donmccurdy and @Wingnut
  7. jps0611

    Video Texture on iOS/Android

  8. jps0611

    Video Texture on iOS/Android

    @Deltakosh Gotcha. I was able to get this working by dynamically adding the appropriate data-attrs:'playsinline', 'true');'muted', 'true');'autoplay', 'true');; :thumbs-up:
  9. I'm trying to get video textures to work on mobile devices and I seem to be running into an issue where the video won't autoplay because it doesn't meet the requirements that Apple has laid out here: This can be seen in this playground: Is there a way to pass custom attributes to the video element that is contained within the video texture? My hypothesis is the absence of the playsinline data attribute on the video element is preventing this from working correctly. @Deltakosh any insight here?
  10. jps0611

    Get Vertex Data from GLTF Import

    Thank you sir!
  11. Howdy, I seem to be having some bit of difficulty in getting the vertex data from an imported gltf asset via the asset manager. The loadedMeshes don't seem to expose the underlying meshes in a way that allows me to grab the vertices. Am I doing something wrong? Any playgrounds out there that might be of use here? JPS
  12. Ha! I'll boot up a new thread when I have some time. Thanks @Wingnut!
  13. @Wingnut It doesn't necessarily need to be an outline. In layperson terms...I'm trying to take a bunch of dots and project them onto an object. Take for instance a coffee cup. I'd like to take 1,000 or so dots and have them create the shape of that coffee cup. Sort of like Radiohead used in their lidar scan video:
  14. Howdy, @Wingnut you may be able to point me in the right direction here. I'm essentially trying to achieve what @Deltakosh is doing above but with particles. I want to do a particle system and have it form the outline of the surface of a mesh. Any playgrounds out there that illustrate this? Thanks!