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  1. Linux wont cause you any dramas, I use a Linux machine as my development machine. Raspberry Pi you mileage may vary, I wouldn't recommend it for a smooth experience. Access to the GPU is limited and while I have not tried any Phaser related stuff on the Pi. I have done a lot of Javascript related work ( AngularJS apps etc ) and the performance is not great when there is a lot going on ( Raspberry Pi 3, Chromium Browser).
  2. First up you need to apply the P2 physics engine to the body. Then apply the shape you made with the Physics editor to the body. In one of my games I do something similar with player grenades so they can roll and bounce around in a believable manner. The code snippet looks like: Loading the shape file exported from Physics Editor"objectPhysics", "img/weapons/objects_physics.json"); Applying the shape to the sprite myGame.phaser.physics.p2.enable(playerGrenade, false); // Add our PhysicsEditor bounding shape playerGrenade.body.clearShapes(); playerGrenade.body.loadPolygon("objectPhysics", "Grenade", playerGrenade);
  3. Hi Everyone, For Ludum Dare 38 I wrote a dungeon based game using procedurally generated level maps. Its something that I have wanted to play around with for a while, the code didn't work so great in the jam but it something I wanted to take a little further. So I have since split out the code used for the level generation. Given it a cleanup and turned it into a proper Phaser plugin that everyone is welcome to use in their own projects. Plugin code can be found on Github Or you can take a look at a demo of the plugin here Any feedback or comments welcome
  4. As egk said go to the examples page take a look at the examples. Then head to youtube and find some Phaser tutorials, this should get you over the basics, not many videos on the more advanced topics. After that go to github and search for Phaser projects, you will find a bunch of simple games that have been released back into the community by their creators. I learnt Phaser initially by playing around with a simple flappy bird example.