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  1. Troubles with masks and performance

    Thanks! That's a whole lot better, around 50fps now:)
  2. Troubles with masks and performance

    Looking forward to it! Didn't Matt also work on a drawing app? Maybe he's done something similar.
  3. Troubles with masks and performance

    Haha great! I'm happy it got made into an example, and this also gives me way better code to work off. Thank you! PS: I should say the performance is not optimal for mobile, it's about 35 fps when drawing on my iPhone 5 (but it's manageable for a drawing app)
  4. Troubles with masks and performance

    Sorry if it was unclear, I updated the JSFiddle with a grassy background. So this one should be visible at first, and when you click the masked image on top should show up. Like this:
  5. Troubles with masks and performance

    Thanks again Ivan, I applied the VoidFilter and put a red rectangle in the background which would need to appear behind the drawn layer. But I'm not sure how to get it to imitate a mask now. I still have this black color which needs to be transparent, see here How do I achieve that? Also, would this still be faster than regular masking?
  6. Troubles with masks and performance

    Update! So I have this nice image appearing when the dots are drawn, but now I want a background layer behind it that is always showing. So you would sorta draw a new layer on top of it. I can't get my around it how to do that. With the multiply blendmode everything hidden needs to have black over it, but that means I can not put anything behind it. Is masking a better option again? or is there a filter where I can only let full alpha through, so I can have a transparent blended image. Hope I'm making sense
  7. Troubles with masks and performance

    I got it to work with the mulitply blendmode! Although for some reason this JSFiddle doesn't show the renderTextureSprite, it does work on my end. Thank you!
  8. Hi, I'm trying to start sort of a drawing app where you can draw lines and show an image through those lines. Problem is, it is incredibly slow... So I have an "imageToReveal" sprite and mask it with the drawn lines. Now this does work in my project, but I cannot get it to work in JSFiddle. check it out here This should render the drawn shapes to a texture and set to texture to Sprite that's masking the image to reveal I don't know if this is the best way, but the simple way with a masked sprite and shapes as children didn't go well either: see this one So my question is, how do I make the first JSFiddle work? (and is it the best way) And if it is, how can I make it faster? since it drops from 60 to 40 after a single shape is put on stage.