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  1. Yes, it looks pretty horrible So basically what you are saying is that I should look for another model that has 4 bones per finger and not just one. Correct?
  2. Thanks guys. Adam, that looks great. I was able to move fingers just like that in ThreeJS using bones. The question is.. how can I export the bones correctly from Blender to BabylonJS? The bones get broken when exported. Meaning, they don't deform what is supposed to be deformed. How can I fix that before doing the Blender export? Thanks, Rod
  3. Dear JCPalmer, Thanks so much for your reply and demo. It's super cool! Sorry, I believe I linked to the wrong demo (I had googled so many differnet hand models that I pasted the wrong one). Here is the one I actually used. You can see on the download page, that the author is effectively able to move each of the fingers separately and it contains a full rig. This demo shows the full animation live. If you download my source code provided on the previous message, you will find the original blender file with just one rigged hand from the same author. (Click on link to see LIVE demo of animated hand) Your approach is super interesting! I had never heard of shapeKeys before, I just googled it. In my project requirements I need to be able to move each of the phalanges of the fingers to precise different positions that I cannot "predict" before hand. Meaning, I will not be able to use "poses" or keyframes to define each of the finger movements, instead I will be creating different hand positions programatically.Given the case, shall I continue with using rigged model animation of 4 bones per finger, or do you suggest I go with shapekeys? Regarding my converted model from Blender to Babylon, here you can see the difference clearly: The animation is all screwed up and the materials don't look as nice in the original. The original was also rendered on WebGL, however, using a propietary engine it seems so I can't analyze the code or get the converted model. Does anyone know what the problem is and how to fix it? Thanks, Rod
  4. Guys! Thanks so much for the quick reply.It's nice to receive such a warm welcome to the forum. I hope so much any of you can help me...! I've been working on this simple thing for five days straight with no luck.. Here is my full source code, including the blender model, and the converted model to .babylon: My knowledge on Babylon is pretty weak (I just switched from ThreeJS to Babylon...) So I basically downloaded a sample and made a few changes, so the source code is really basic. The hands are UP (looking up). Make the camera look up and you will see them. ..And here is the link to the source of the model, so you can see how the model should look. Mine look pretty akward after exporting it (textures and lighting look odd). Sample: Thank you all!!!!! Rod P.S: Would love to see @JCPalmers demo of animated hands. P.S.S: My goal is to be able to programatically move the hand. Via code I would like to be able to control a) stretch of each of fingeres b ) curl down each of the fingers individually and move the thumb under the palm
  5. I am am experienced developer but a newbie on BabylonJS. I tried to solve a simple problem on my own for the last 5 days and no matter how hard I try it still doesn't work. I am looking for someone who can do it for me, and I am more than happy to pay. So.. work for hire Job: - I have a 3d rigged hand model made in blender with animations through bones. I managed to export it but after doing so, even the mesh looks good the animations look bad. Instead of the hand opening and closing all mesh gets awkwardly deformed. It seems as if the deformers of the bones got all screwed up. I need someone to fix this and show me how can I move programmatically each of the phalanges of the fingers of the hand. Please reply if interested I will post more information as requested. Thanks a million! I have a really bad headache. I have been trying for days with no luck and I have decided this problem is way above my head. So.. please help. Happy to pay!