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  1. Standard Pipeline vs Default Pipeline?

    Ah! I am glad I asked. I was using both at the same time. Thanks @Deltakosh
  2. Animate camera programatically

    @Wingnut, no thanks to you, really. I think I've found a very nice 3d js engine, and in addition a very nice community where I see I will be making some new friends You asked about my animation library. Yes, I would love to share it! However, it is not "mine" but of a developer called spite who contributes on ThreeJs. He made some great libraries, and this one is engine agnostic. It can be used for any 3d engine, to animate anything! I highly recommend it. Have a look
  3. The manuals are unclear about this. I understand that both are post processing; however, what is the standard vs the default? Both words are very similar. Can they be combined? And, why both have a Depth of field effect? is one applied per mesh and the other just as a fragment shader / overall screen effect?
  4. What's next?

    Sounds like a great start.
  5. What's next?

    That sounds like a fantastic idea! I believe Unreal supports both cubic and spherical mapping for probes. On Unreal there is a "build" button. I suppose interpolating all images accordingly is hard CPU work. We would have to think of how to make this work. Meaning would this calculation be done just once on the first frame, updated every X frames, or pre-built "offline" (and make this feature as part of Babylon Editor?)
  6. Babylon Sandbox replication

    Thanks so much @Deltakosh! Do you happen to know if the Sandbox has the default or standard pipeline enabled, or antialising? I don't see anything of that in the code you referenced.. but just to make sure! Thanks so much!
  7. Thanks so much, @V!nc3r. This has been very helpful! Any idea if it is possible to export to the light map bucket from 3ds Max using the Babylon exporter? Thanks again
  8. Animate camera programatically

    Thanks so much for the comprehensive answer again! However, using my method, is there any way to update the camera position by a value related to the frame rate so I can assure that whatever the frame rate is the camera position is updated homogenously through time? In other words, I need my animation to run independent of frame rate. In ThreeJs I used to do this: var clock = new THREE.Clock(); var speed = 2; //units a second var delta = 0; render(); function render(){ requestAnimationFrame(render); delta = clock.getDelta(); object.position.z += speed * delta; renderer.render(scene, camera); } What is the equivalent in Babylon? As you can see I don't need any fancy coding with easing and such in this particular case (although your solutions might become veryyy handy for other future uses). Right now, I have a complete animation library already coded and I need to use it with Babylon. I just need to connect in the same way... Is it possible? I think I am close but not there yet... Thanks so much!
  9. Animate camera programatically

    Thanks for everything @Wingsuit. This was my result to modify the camera position and target programatically: I am using scene.registerBeforeRender() callback. Is that ok? Is it the best practice?
  10. @V!nc3r thanks so much! To understand, what is the difference between using the ao channel vs using the light map texture channel? I understand I get the benefit of assigning an additional occlusion tillable texture. But does the rendering change if I use the lighmap texture channel?
  11. Babylon Sandbox replication

    @waverider, very nice! Thanks so much. However, this is not what I was asking. I want to replicate the Sandbox environment with plain Babylon code. No drag and drop enabled, no user interface, no "Sandbox" user interface related code. I want to know how to create a scene with that default lightbox, that default lighting, and those render settings. Anyone have any idea? Thanks so much
  12. Thanks so much @Dad72 and for taking the time to take the screenshots! Does the Babylon Exporter support the multi material and displacement map? Thanks so much!
  13. Your problem is "smoothing groups". On 3ds Studio Max apply "Smooth modifier" or "HSDS" and export again. This should solve it, I am quite sure.
  14. I love how my model looks in Babylon Sandbox: I would like to replicate the same code, with exactly the same setting, same environment, and rendering pipeline. Could anyone replicate it into a Babylon Playground? Thank you so much.
  15. Could you please link it into a Playground? Thanks