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  1. Hmm newgrounds could be a good idea but I have also always wanted to know how to do a web server and all that. Haha yeah I know it is very basic, like I said though I like to start small when learning a new engine. It keeps me from going overboard on scope lol Yeah I have enjoyed construct a lot so far!
  2. Hey everyone! This is a video of a prototype for my first HTML5 game Bunny Hop made using Construct 3. I wanted to keep my first HTML5 game small and simple plus this is my first time really making a game in Construct 3. I don't think any sponsors/portals would be interested in this game for it being so small lol, but I like to start on small projects when I am testing out engines I am new to. Plus I still need to figure out how to host it onto a web server and all that. Here is the Link to a gameplay video!
  3. Thanks! I will do this and see if I can fix it!
  4. I have done some debugging and what I found was that the mouse coordinates are off from the actual mouse. I made a sprite that would follow mouse_x and mouse_y for my object that registered mouse clicks and it was just way off from the actual mouse, but when the sprite was at the location of and object it can click and destroy it did just that. I have tried to figure out how to fix this offset but I have had no luck so far.
  5. Nice job for your first one! One feedback I would give is possibly updating the art if you are able to.
  6. I have asked it there but no one replied :/
  7. I have been having problems when I scale my gamemaker 2 html5 game to fit the height of the browser. Once it scales up it no longer detects the mouse position. Without it being scaled to height I am able to click on my enemies, but when it is scaled to browser height I am unable to. I figure it has to do with the scaling to the browser height Thanks in advance! if(os_type == os_windows){ ideal_width = 0; ideal_height = browser_height; start_b_width = browser_width; start_b_height = browser_height; aspect_ratio = browser_width/ browser_height; ideal_width = round(ideal_height / aspect_ratio); if(ideal_width & 1){ ideal_width++; } room_set_width(rm_game, ideal_width); room_set_height(rm_game, ideal_height); surface_resize(application_surface, ideal_width,ideal_height); room_goto_next(); alarm[0] = 60; } //In my alarm window_set_size(room_width,room_height); window_center();