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  1. Knight Of Magic

    One of our first HTML5 game Knight of Magic. This game is available for site-lock license. You can play the Knight of Magic Html5 game here:
  2. Hi, Our studio LittleGiantWorld was experienced making HTML5 games, you can visit our website to see our portfolio. Feel free to contact and discuss with us if you had any project. Thank you
  3. Rooster Warrior

    Hi Guys, We just release our newest HTML5 game Rooster Warrior, It's a free strategy RPG game. You can play the game here or here
  4. Hi, We are an Indie game developer from Indonesia. We offer our services making HTML5, WebGL, or mobile game. We are specialized in making simulation/ tycoon, idle/ tap, and strategy game with a pixelart style. Feel free to contact and discuss with us if you interested with our services. Thank you guys.