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  1. Sharing Pixel Art Assets and Code

    Wow great job, love the artwork
  2. Do you have games available for embedding?

    Just a suggestion maybe you could show your website, and write some of your website advantage to make the developer interested and let their game embedded. Imho if there is no advantage for the developer, the will ask you to licensing their game. Good luck
  3. Hello World!

  4. HTML 5 Game Santa Game Wanted

    Hi Jacob, We are LittleGiantWorld an Indie game studio from Indonesia. Feel free to contact us if you want to make a cute and entertaining game. Email at: info [at] littlegiantworld [dot] com

    Wow nice game, downloading the game now
  6. HTML5 Dev looking to work with Artist

    Hello, IMHO, showing your portfolio/ finished project will helpfull if you want to collaborate with others.
  7. I search an online HTML5 Games catalog

    Hi, You can visit our website, some of our games are available to use.
  8. As far as I know non-exclusive is similar like site-lock sponsorship. For primary it's like exclusive sponsorship but you still can sell your game as a non-exclusive/ site-lock sponsorship for other sponsors. To keep the game for exclusive sponsorship, we usually use our own website and show our games.
  9. Knight Of Magic

    hi Umz thank you for playing our game, glad to hear you like it. We really appreciate it
  10. if it's for site-lock sponsorship it will be ok, but if it's for exclusive or primary, maybe it's not a good idea.
  11. Hi Lazkeer, sure newgrounds is free, you can also try and
  12. Happy Culinary Html5

    Happy Culinary is a simulation pixel-art game developed by This game sponsored by spilgames. Feel free to contact us if you want to licensing our games, we're specialize in simulation and pixel-art game. Play Happy Culinary game here: or here
  13. Knight Of Magic

    thank you for the suggestion
  14. Knight Of Magic

    thank you for the suggestion, really appreciate it
  15. Knight Of Magic

    One of our first HTML5 game Knight of Magic. This game is available for site-lock license. You can play the Knight of Magic Html5 game here: or here