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  1. eyeswideopen

    Masking of Group with Alpha-Mask

    Hey, is there a way to mask a Group with an Alpha mask? I managed to mask it with a handdrawn Graphics object but since my mask is quite complex i'd like it to work the same way as the Alpha-Mask tutorial just for my Group. So can an image/sprite be used as a mask for a Group somehow? Cheers
  2. eyeswideopen

    Atlas not working with Spriter Player

    Hey, i'm currently working on my first animation with phaser + Spriter Player for Phaser + Spriter obviously. The animations work with the provided Spriter files in the example project of the player (Atlas.json, Atlas.png, TEST.json) but when i try to import my own test animation i encounter this error: (index):149 Cannot set frameName: forearm_l for all my frames in the sprite and for everone the first from the list in spriter is used instead (see image attached) Attache you can see my exported files which import fine but don't display as described. Thanks for any help in resolving this! Cheers test.zip