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  1. Hi @Wingnut and @Deltakosh, sorry to inform you late, finally I found a solution, by deleting the "canvas.tabindex = 1", then it works, though I don't know why..anyway, thanks!
  2. Hi Wingnut, the method by setting the canvas.focus({preventScroll:true}) seems not workable....Sorry about that, anyway thanks again. But I tried replacing the babylonjs version (babylon.3.1.1.min.js.) that has the scrolling problem with that not having the problem (Babylon.js engine (v3.1-alpha)), it works well. So I can partially confirm that there's difference in both versions that affecting the canvas focus. I need to look into it, I would be much appreciate if you could supply some information.
  3. Hi Wingnut, you're faster than the flash! Will try that, thanks first!
  4. I'm sorry for making the title that long....and also my content will be... Recently I'm quite tortured by a tricky problem, mainly on iOS mobile, things are like this... I inserted a Babylonjs project into a third-party homepage through iframe tags. As you know, the home page has header, footer, another content and the iframe part. When I scroll to the iframe part, and want to interact with the canvas, as long as I tap the canvas, the page jumps to the bottom immediately. Strange! I scroll back, and continue to pinch, rotate the canvas, it goes normally (do not touch other part, only the canvas after jumping). As long as I have tapped the UI, and then tap the canvas, history will happen again. I tried other projects (also build with Babylonjs), some will not have this problem. So I made a detailed comparison, excluding the potential problem raised by html ,css. The main difference might be the version of Babylon.js. The ones that have jumping problems use the babylon.3.1.1.min VERSION , while those don't have problem, use this Version , it's compressed and I forgot the version now. Can anybody tell which version the latter is? and what's difference between them, especially about issues like canvas focus, tapping event on iOS... The test link that having the problem is this , the visit speed might be slow out of China. But the problem will be like what I mentioned above. I guess it's something about canvas.focus(). but not sure..I know you guys are more experienced and smarter. I would really appreciate!!!!!!!! 5e2233d9ce8a56b9700997ac243d5838 (1).mp4
  5. Lary

    Remove Round Frames in VR

    Hi @Wingnut, thanks for the information,@JCPalmer 's camera works in my scene. Great! However, the scene in both view seems kinda tortured. What I'm using is scene.createDefaultVRExperience({createDeviceOrientationCamera:false}); which will create a webVR camera and non-webVR camera, and also a button enabling webVR access. I want this mode ,and keep both cameras. So by default, it is arcRotateCamera, when webVR triggers, the view has to be side by side with no round borders as above show. I wonder if there's a way? or I just need to correct a parameter? reference link here, in this demo, if I enter webvr mode there, it's side by side with no borders, but if I download the code and play at local, there has round corners, I don't know why....
  6. Hi there, Now I have a basic webVR demo from PG, when I enter into VR mode, there always be round frames/corners (below pic in red circle )at each view. Is there a way to remove them, and make the view on both side in full screen? Thanks!
  7. Thank you so much RaananW, it works!!! But the particle color seems bit different under the two modes.
  8. Hi all, How I can make particles (in red color) visible with white background (scene.clearColor = new BABYLON.Color4(1,1,1,1))? Please find attached picture for details. Thanks in advance.
  9. I cited pep.js and babylon.js on my project. Since this month, all is ok. and all in a sudden, touch action fails on Android wechat......
  10. Hi fellow friends, Recently I'm having problem with touch action on Android's weChat. (I'm not sure if you use weChat there out of China, it's a chatting tool similar to Facebook.) Meshes can neither be rotated or zoomed in/out on weChat or its based browser on Android devices. This never happens on iOS. Then I made a judgement when loading canvas on different devices, on Android, I change touch action into "manipulation", while on iOS, it remains "none" as before. It seems working by this method, meshes can be rotated, but can't be zoomed in/out still. I know weChat had did something behind, but I don't know how this happens ,and what can be taken to deal with it. You can visit this test link to check the problem. (need to run on wechat of Android, on iOS all is ok). It really worried me, and I racked my brains to solve this. If anyone has had the same experience and can help me out. It's really urgent. Many thanks!!!!!!!!
  11. Hi fellows, Does anyone has mastered both babylonJS and Krpano (a panorama frame) ? I want to put a Babylon model into krpano, and control it using BJS, which I think is a good way to present both technologies. Someone has wrote a plugin on krpano site with ThreeJS. but I want to use BJS instead, coz I love BJS. So I wonder if anyone here has given it a shot before?
  12. Lary


    @Wingnut @Arte @RaananW Hi friends, new link : hope it works....
  13. Lary


    Peculiar! Did I do wrong when saving the scene? I just pasted my code into PG, and click "save" to submit my scene, then it generate a link, i copy it here.... How could this happen....
  14. Lary


    @Arte @Wingnut Check this updated link please.