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  1. moveWithCollisions

    @Wingnut @Arte @RaananW Hi friends, new link : hope it works....
  2. moveWithCollisions

    Peculiar! Did I do wrong when saving the scene? I just pasted my code into PG, and click "save" to submit my scene, then it generate a link, i copy it here.... How could this happen....
  3. moveWithCollisions

    @Arte @Wingnut Check this updated link please.
  4. moveWithCollisions

    Hi Wingnut, sorry for the late reply. I appreciate a lot that you're still watching my topic. As an non-English speaker as well as newbie in BJS, I regret to say that your answers seem quite expert and I can only catch some easy points. I run into a problem again and made a PG for my project, check it out please. As you see, there are 3 green meshes on the white rectangle, each time I move one green mesh and intersect with the others , one or maybe two at the same time, the current moving mesh turns Red, while the meshed being intersected remain green; when the moving mesh returns to normal position after intersection, its color returns green again. but it only takes effect when I intersect currentMesh with the second mesh. I don't know why~~ Can you give me some idea please?
  5. moveWithCollisions

    Aha, that's all right. Arte, you just made my topic as lifeful as others.
  6. moveWithCollisions

    Great! That's exactly what I want. Many thanks @Wingnut So the problem is I still have long way to go to learn babylonjs, and maybe a quick review of all functions.
  7. Hi fellow friends, it maybe silly to ask this question, but I'm rather rookie Hope anyone can enlight me a bit~ I'm using moveWithCollisions to control the position of a mesh, it can move along X, Y , Z axis. Can I dispose Y axis, and only move along X and Z axis? I've applied gravity and checkcollisions on meshes, it works, but not that desiable. Is there another way to achieve? Thanks!
  8. Hi Wingnut, I must say you're kind hearted, and words full of wisdom and humor. Your above elaboration enlighted me and gives a new way of thinking! Many thanks! I will try you guys' methods and see if I can manage my project.
  9. That can be a good way, thanks Brianzinn
  10. Thanks WingNut, you're always the first to give answer! My mesh is quite complex, it's a list of .babylon models. I choose a model from html selection list, than the according model will show and fit into a rect model, a bit like menu style. I hope I have made it clear enough. Anyway, I'm still in testing period for my project, I will ask for help here again in time when I get the detailed project requirement and any problem should occur.
  11. Hi all, Thanks for your attention. Is there a way to cut one mesh into two (with two different mesh names), no matter where the cutting section will be, and fit another irrelevant mesh between the fore-mentioned two meshes?and at last add these 3 meshes to form a new object? I tried CSG, it seems the mesh can be cut into two on the surface, but in fact it still remains one mesh. You can check attached sketch to get an general idea of what I want, pls. forgive my poor drawing skill. I will greatly appreciate if you could offer me a solution! Thanks in advance!
  12. GUI inputText no use on mobile

    Thanks Dad72, I already use a virtual keyboard, still no use. The problem is that there's no response for the touch action....
  13. Hi, anyone can help me please! I'm using GUI inputText in my project. I can type in letters on PC and everything seems ok. But when I operate it on my ios mobile, nothing happens when I touch on the text area. Neither can I type directly in the textarea, nor there is a prop window for me to type. But I use the playground demo : on my mobile, it works. so strange. So anyone can tell me why ,and how I can solve this problem? Many thanks!
  14. gradient material

    friend, your heartful and long reply is very much appreciated. and I'm happy that you treat me like a child, lol. Actually I'm rather a rookie at babylonjs, I really like using it to make fancy and fantastic effect, thanks for your guys' effort in contributing to this incredible framework. regards! Lastly, I will try to put my project at PG, and will @ you once finished. Time to sleep in China, good night!