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  1. Oh thanks ! I saw them in this file and I thought they were functional : An alternative to solve the problem could be using a polygon like in this example :\input\mouse\polygon hit area.js
  2. Hi ! I'm trying to create simple clickable objects in phaser 3 but using the alpha channel to exclude part of the surface from being clickable. So far I've come up with this code : [PASTEBIN] which you can test in the phaser sandbox : The problem is that the image turns red even when the mouse is over parts that have alpha channel, that shouldn't happen with that code : /
  3. egeres

    camera follow glitching physics

    You can easily see what's the issue in this video I recorded : error.avi The problem is that once the camera starts following the player, speed increases and the collisions of the tilemap just doesn't work. My idea is to create a simple platformer, but I want very pixelated textures, so I "zoomed" by rescaling both, the player sprite and the layer of the tilemap. This is the code I'm using : And here is the whole project folder : test_game.7z Does anyone has any idea of why this could be happening ?