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  1. mecanicus

    [SOLVED]How to change text color radio button

    Thank's Arte; Rainbow is really cool ! 😉
  2. Hello I can not change the color of the text of a radio button. I use the following statement: button.color = "white"; line 45. It does not work, am I using the right instruction? Thanks for your help.
  3. mecanicus

    [SOLVED]GUI Dynamic dispaly

    Thank you and I have noted not to use private variables.
  4. I want to dynamically display the number of laps performed by an object. I tried this code, line 41, but it does not work. Thank you for helping me.
  5. My project is moving forward, and thanks to my progress with babylonjs I can do some nice things that I share with you (be patient the load is slow):
  6. Thanks Wingnut, We are two to have learned something today and in addition that resolves my problem ;-)
  7. Hello, I would like to display the value of the rotation z of a rotating object. I did a test on the PG (line 36), but it does not work. How should I do it ? Thanks for your help.
  8. mecanicus

    [SOLVED] Strange behavior of material

    I tryed to use bjs 3.2, but there is a error in the console : I load a babylon file with animations. The code line : With bjs 3.1, there is no this error. link to the page :
  9. mecanicus

    [SOLVED] Strange behavior of material

    I have the same problem with ff 58.0.2 64bits. I did some tests with another version of ff. No problem. I do not know where this comes from. Normal display Firefox display
  10. mecanicus

    Blender Exporter with Multiple Actions

    Hello, I had a similar problem, maybe the answer I got is going to help you
  11. mecanicus

    [SOLVED]set and remove parent mesh

    great, it works. Thank you.
  12. mecanicus

    [SOLVED]set and remove parent mesh

    In the first parent case 1 has a child child1 and child1 has three children child2, child3, child4. I want to keep parent1 and separate child1. But child1 must keep his children. is it more explicit ?