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  1. Ok thank you, I will try this when I get home
  2. Thank you! I am on vacation right now but when I have access to a computer I will try this out😀
  3. Thank you! Just one question, do you know if there was a way to animate the camera to have the same alpha and beta as the player?
  4. Thanks you guys so much for your help, I'll try and learn a little bit more about what you guys are saying and try some of this!
  5. Hi thank you! I think you are starting to get at what I'm doing. This is a bit complexed for me and I was wondering if it was possible to do this by(again not very experienced) to have the camera like an arcrotatecamera change the alpha and beta to match that of the player and follow the player as well.
  6. (DISCLAIMER: I am new with Babylon.js so sorry if I'm asking stupid questions or act stupid when replying to you) So I am trying to create a third person dogfight game but the problem with the follow camera is that it doesn't follow the player ok the Y axis as it does when moving in the Z axis(When I rotate the object on the X axis and move the forward it doesn't act the same as when I rotate on the Y axis and move forward at the same time). Is there another camera I should use or should I try and modify the follow camera or something. Thanks!