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  1. Hi! Have a look at my football juggle game
  2. Hey, have a look at my new game “Rocketate Next” This is a rotational puzzle with a jetpack, developed with Phaser 3. Have a look, and please share your thoughts, any feedback is welcome! Here a couple of screenshots:
  3. @nrbdch Oh, man! Thank you so much! You've made my day So I've nailed that bug and fixed it. Note to myself: comment out logging statements with caution
  4. Looks awesome! Christmas is coming)
  5. @Nagval333 Thank you! Does this bug happen repeatedly and is easy to reproduce? What OS and browser are you using? This is so awesome you've nailed this bug, because some players wrote me about it but I can't reproduce it. And yeah, your guess is correct the reason is physics system, namely my custom written collision detection system.
  6. Hello! Please have a look at my game "Rocketate" This is a platformer rotation where you can jump on a jetpack and rotate the world If you encountered any bugs please report it in this thread. People on Newgrounds reports about some bugs, but meanwhile I can't reproduce them
  7. People at matter repo helped me to solve this issue without changing the source. The idea is that one can access all pairs of colliding objects through the array at every update frame Every member of this array contains bodies of colliding objects and 'collision' object. The 'collision' object in turn contains that 'normal' and 'supports' properties, that I needed
  8. Thank you @rich Yeah this data doesn't contain any information on collision point But matterjs calculates it anyway in Engine.update(), just doesn't pass with event. It can be found here It feels like we need to pass collisions array along with the pairs. A collision from that collisions array contains 'normal' and 'supports' members, that are a normal vector of the collision and points (may be one or two) that describe a collision point Changing this directly in phaser.js file gives a result that looks decent at a glance (see gif attached) I do understand that this can't be a robust solution, so I'm trying to wrap my head around overwriting Phaser.Physics.Matter.Matter.Engine.update() method. With no luck so far: I can't understand how can I get to the scope of the original function So if anyone can advise me on a way to overwrite that function, it would be awesome
  9. Hello! I'm trying to identify the place and normal vector of collision to launch a bunch of particles when two bodies collide in MatterJS. So following example on collision filtering\physics\matterjs\collision event.js I have something like function create () { var blockA = this.matter.add.image(0, 300, 'block').setBounce(1).setFriction(0); var blockB = this.matter.add.image(600, 300, 'block').setStatic(true); blockA.setVelocityX(10);'collisionstart', function (event, bodyA, bodyB) { // launch particles here at collision point }); } But unfortunately 'collisionstart' event provides just bodies of two gameObject collided and no information on where the collision took place So is there any way to detect where did the collision happen and what was the normal direction? Or perhaps one can access MatterJS collision object directly, as far as I can see it contains this information? I'm using MatterJS because I need to collide non-convex polygons, so if you have any possible alternative in mind I would appreciate if you share it with me
  10. Hello html5 game developers! I have created a little puzzle game on the difficulties of lawn mowing, please have a look at newgrounds, and don't forget to vote Although, I initially planned this game to be made in two weeks I fell off the schedule and spend almost 3.5 weeks. You know, all cool features always come too late) So have a look, and please share with me your thoughts and feedback Some screenshots below
  11. Hello! I'm trying to put a background behind the game div in Phaser 3. So that there is my game (960x640) in center of the page and the rest of the page covered with repetitive image In Phaser 2 I used the following code in my index.html and it worked <head> ... <style> .overlay { background: #acbbbe; background-image: url(assets/pageBack.png); background-repeat: repeat; position:fixed; width:100%; height:100%; top:0px; left:0px; } .divstyle{ position: absolute; top: 50%; left: 50%; -webkit-transform: translate(-50%, -50%); transform: translate(-50%, -50%); } </style> </head> <body> <div id="wrapper" class="overlay"> <div id="gameContainer" class="divstyle"> </div> </div> </body> ... Using this snippet together with the following index.js in Phaser 3 const gameConfig = { width: 640, height: 960, scene: SimpleScene, parent: 'gameContainer' }; new Phaser.Game(gameConfig); Brings the game div element behind the background div element What does cause that strange behavior? How can one fix that?
  12. Thanks a lot! I really appreciate this! I felt like a need some story to explain why a hamster in a ball running around those strange things )
  13. Hello, html5 game developers! Have a look at my new game "Hamsternikus". Sokoban-like puzzle game, where player have to help a scientist, trapped into a hamster's body, find a way back The game is published on Newgrounds: Here are a couple of screenshots: The game is developed with Phaser, with some vector art from paperJS Any feedback is welcome!
  14. My new devlog on Hamsternikus: new graphics and player control techniques
  15. I'm working on puzzle game about a professor trapped in hamster's body Current prototype is hosted on gamejolt Please try it and give me a feedback on the following issues: - Are controls responsive and intuitive? Whether it could be a good idea to use keyboard controls for desktop version? - Is gameplay boring? - Are puzzles tough? You can follow development process on gamejolt devlog Or in my twitter @kpded
  16. [Artist found] Hi! I'm looking for 2d artist to participate in my project - simple maze brain-teaser planned to release on HTML5, Android and iOS The game is about a hamster in a sphere looking for an exit in a maze with movable walls and other dangerous stuff (e.g. fans and electric arcs) Game prototype At the moment there are only 9 levels showing key mechanics that I plan for implementation Since I'm absolutely dumb in art I'd like to give the artist an absolute creative freedom in all the visuals of the game: style and graphics, animation and visual part of UI If you are interested and: - like the prototype and game idea - have ideas on how to enhance the game graphics - have at least some experience in 2d art creation - ready to connect via skype on a daily basis please PM or e-mail me at About money. I'd like to work under revenue-share agreement. Some fixed fee is possible and under discussion About me. I'm specializing on programming: Phaser, kivy (Python framework), HaxeFlixel (Haxe). I can create some graphics in Inkscape. My released games: - Football juggle - Gravity Ride - Trivia I've worked on this games with freelancers. But I'd like to change the approach since freelancers are not interested in result and I can't adequately asses the quality of art work before all the game art assets and mechanics are joint together. And that takes time
  17. kpded

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    Fantastic pace! Literally crazy!
  18. I've updated the controls to make it more intuitive to follow the ball when it goes behind the borders I've added rotation button on the bottom of the screen, drag it left and right to follow the ball
  19. Nice game! Music is awesome! Perhaps, I'm too dumb, but it seems unforgiving since the first day) Why can't just pass the turn? Monsters can... seems unfair)
  20. Nice game! After level 1 there looks like fps drops down, perhaps some optimization would help
  21. Yeah, I think it might help It seems reasonable to add some resource used for building, which amount growth with, say, production rate, and used to build units. With this player will get a trade off between building cooling or security vs. new AI unit (reduce risk vs. increase resources growth rate).
  22. Hi! The game looks awesome with a interesting story But it looks like there is some glitch with graphics: strange dark squares around enemies and coins, see screenshot below