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  1. Hello, I created a LoadingBar class which contains a loading bar and a background. I load the resources of the LoadingBar in my Boot state and the loader works. The problem is that my LoadingBar has a background that has width 100% of the game width. And height 100% of the game height. When the resources of my state are loaded the create method is called. When the create method is called all the created sprites overlap the background of my LoadingBar. I don't want to destroy my LoadingBar when the resources are loaded but only when the "create" method has finished, because it creates the maps/buildings/sprites/characters/enemies... and other things. So I want to destroy/hide my Loading screen only when all sprites are created (only when the create method has finished to create the world). But when they are created they immediately overlap my background. So the question is: what can I do to the background of the LoadingBar to make it be always the highest z-index? class World extends Phaser.State { preload () { this.loadingBar = new LoadingBar(); // load sprite sheets.. music.. .. } create () { buildMap(); // Houses overlap the background of the loading screen buildJoypad(); // Joypad buttons overlap the background of the loading screen build... build..... // done this.loadingBar.destroy(); } }
  2. Hello, I want to create an action-adventure platform game (similar to Swordigo). I chose Phaser because I've been using JavaScript for 5 years and I feel prepared regarding the patterns to use. I'm new to game development and I have a question: Phaser is suitable for this kind of game? Or can it cause performance problems on mobile phones? The game will have to work on iOS and Android in a WebView widget.