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  1. game art

    3 5 & 6 are my favourites. the lava glow on the walls in 6 is nice. 3 has a great feeling of depth something those dark lines in 4 detract from imo. cheers for the vids.
  2. love it. i was derping hard at the beginning but once i got going it was sweet.
  3. i see you have terrain generation listed there I assume that will include some sort of noise generator which would be one of the first things i would recommend. also i'd say a simple animation class and a whole bunch of debug options such as rendering collision geometry and coordinates and such. i only had a quick look at the git so maybe you have some of this already but that's my 2 cents. anyways looking good so far.
  4. omg his bones remaining is the best thing ever. love it. wd.
  5. much polish for a first game wd. can't wait to see what you crank out in the future.
  6. not sure if this is 100 percent what you're looking for but m1erickson has a really nice jsfiddle on it at that i have used before. it is quite clean imo.
  7. i don't think you can rely on the site to expose your games to the masses. the same goes for most of the other sites of this type. with so much content and very little acknowledgment given past the first 2 pages of results by users it makes it difficult. i think it's about building connections, review others stuff and some review yours, gradually you gain more exposure and hopefully make some friends. it's a shame about the rating without even playing the game but it happens. personally i am a fan of the site and use it regularly. best of luck.
  8. what a kick arse game. wd. loved it.
  9. Love those comets. n1, there is a great tutorial over at i'm not using shaders though and still managed to get something i was happy with. first i generate a radial plasma gradient (but you can use whatever texture) and use it to render a simple set of particles bound to the screen space which works for me. just to show it can work here's a demo. WIP the nebulae has a bit more speed than it will in the final but i really wanted them to move.
  10. an old post but couldn't you apply an update rate to the object and use that to calculate when it should do stuff? something like function obj(x, y, updateRate) { this.position = new vector2(x, y); this.velocity = new vector2(0, 0); this.acceleration = new vector2(0, 0); this.maxSpeed = 4; this.updateTime = 0; this.updateRate = updateRate; this.updateLast = 0; } obj.prototype.addForce = function(fx, fy) { this.acceleration.x = fx; this.acceleration.y = fy; } obj.prototype.update = function(step) { this.updateTime += step; if(this.updateTime - this.updateLast > this.updateRate) { //do your update this.velocity.add(this.acceleration);; this.velocity.limit(this.maxSpeed); this.position.add(this.velocity); this.updateLaste = this.updateTime; } } but really couldn't you do this without changing "time scales" and just limit the velocity or simply apply a different force to each object
  11. cool little time killer. and you've overcome the biggest hurdle for any developer getting that first game finished. wd.
  12. there is a book called AdvancED ActionScript 3.0 Animation which contains a great section on creating assets. I know it's a as3 book but it's super easy to translate and the asset creation is pretty well language agnostic. When I did my last dimetric/isometric (whatever term you prefer) I used a tutorial for blender to setup an orthographic camera and it really helped Best of luck it can be a real headache but a worthwhile effort imo.