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  1. hotfeet

    How can Isometric water effect Make like ~~?

    check out this though i'm not 100 on how you would implement it in your desired render style
  2. hotfeet

    Horse Race 2 - Grouping example

    these are cool. have you thought about just having a grayscale version and using sprite.tint to save having to use more than a single sprite sheet and having to do the work of converting them to the colors you want. there is a demo here
  3. hotfeet


    simplistic presentation but an interesting mechanic. i liked this.
  4. hotfeet

    Character movement not working

    there is a bunch of stuff i don't get about your implementation like using multiple canvases. i did up this jsfiddle maybe it will help you out a bit. i was going to mess about with your code but i figured it easier to just post a working example of a basic top-down game.
  5. hotfeet

    Collision Trouble

    it's difficult to know what might be the issue without seeing some code. it does sound like tunneling and can be a bull to wrangle at times. you might need more advanced collision handling than what was in the fiddle. i just offered it as a simple solution and it works for a lot of things. best of luck.
  6. hotfeet

    Nano games

    v.well made. i like it. added your blog to favourites lookin forward to what else you make.
  7. hotfeet

    Visible spacing between tiles on tilemap

    instead of the usual tileX = x * tileSize tileY = y * tileSize i'd do tileX = x + x * tileSize tileY = y + y * tileSize you can check out this fiddle and adjust the spacing var to experiment with the effect
  8. hotfeet

    Collision Trouble

    here's a quick fiddle that shows that cool minkowski shizzle. i didn't add keyboard controls but just mouse over to move the rect you can just adapt from that. the relevant code is really just the function rectCollision(rect1, rect2)
  9. hotfeet

    Need help finding the right look for your game?

    3 5 & 6 are my favourites. the lava glow on the walls in 6 is nice. 3 has a great feeling of depth something those dark lines in 4 detract from imo. cheers for the vids.
  10. hotfeet

    My first non-game-jam project: Blast Down! love it. i was derping hard at the beginning but once i got going it was sweet.
  11. hotfeet

    Features a game framework would need?

    i see you have terrain generation listed there I assume that will include some sort of noise generator which would be one of the first things i would recommend. also i'd say a simple animation class and a whole bunch of debug options such as rendering collision geometry and coordinates and such. i only had a quick look at the git so maybe you have some of this already but that's my 2 cents. anyways looking good so far.
  12. hotfeet

    [Phaser] Wizard in a Bubble

    omg his bones remaining is the best thing ever. love it. wd.
  13. hotfeet

    First Game Launch - Chickie Can Fly

    much polish for a first game wd. can't wait to see what you crank out in the future.
  14. not sure if this is 100 percent what you're looking for but m1erickson has a really nice jsfiddle on it at that i have used before. it is quite clean imo.