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  1. Len

    Matrix transformation on sprites

    This works perfectly, thank you. I figured the transformCallback just returned a read-only matrix, not one that you can update.
  2. Len

    The Phaser 3 Wishlist Thread :)

    1. This is something that is really necessary. I am parsing animations from Adobe Flash and I am getting the exact matrix data. When I attempt to calculate from the matrix, the skew, scale and rotation would be slightly off compared to using the exact matrix. It would be preferred to be able to input a whole matrix transformation. 2. Adobe Animate CC added the ability to export to a Texture Atlas. This produces a JSON that describes the animation in addition to a spritesheet and texture atlas. I attached the example from the blog post. They created a Unity script to read the JSON but it would be good to have something in Phaser that does the same thing. http://blogs.adobe.com/contentcorner/2017/07/03/create-a-texture-atlas-with-animate-cc-for-your-favorite-game-engines/ Joker.zip
  3. Hey, I've been looking for a solution for transforming a sprite using a matrix instead of individual properties like scale, skew and rotation. I have a matrix like [0.9120710740479713, 0.05900771211381309, -0.05900771211381309, 0.9120710740479713, 651.3628605915601, 93.3129853864424]. I know that is is possible to calculate from a matrix but doing doesn't always result in the exact scale, skew, rotation that I'm looking for. I want to be able to add this transform directly to the sprite like how it is done normally in canvas. Does Phaser support anything like this or does anyone have a solution to this? I've tried my best to google a solution but I haven't had any luck.