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  1. Arte

    using onmousewheel

    Hi @NRA Maybe this will help you?
  2. Arte

    Lamps on Babylon / Open Contest!

    @Pryme8 10 out of 10! 👍
  3. Arte

    SceneOptimizer instance has empty

    Hi @klaude Try: function optimizerOptions() { let options = new BABYLON.SceneOptimizerOptions(30, 1000); options.optimizations.push(new BABYLON.RenderTargetsOptimization(0)); options.optimizations.push(new BABYLON.ParticlesOptimization(1)); options.optimizations.push(new BABYLON.TextureOptimization(1, 1024)); return options; } BABYLON.SceneOptimizer.OptimizeAsync(scene, optimizerOptions());
  4. @Dreik You have 2 viewports (camera.viewport and cameraTwo.viewport). On mouse over viewport2: scene.cameraToUseForPointers=cameraTwo; scene.activeCamera=cameraTwo; On mouse out viewport2: scene.cameraToUseForPointers=camera; scene.activeCamera=camera;
  5. @Deltakosh How about slider.rotation = -Math.PI/2; ???
  6. Arte

    React-cubeview like extension

    Hi @Dreik Some time ago, I created from I hope it will be useful for you.
  7. Hi @Bladetrick Best option for your is babylon js tags "Tags in babylon.js can be used to categorize/group elements, and helper functions are provided to retrieve/gather tagged elements."
  8. Arte

    Playground 'Drag & Drop' problem

    In my project I created fake ground. When your clicked on mesh (get Y position off clicked point), move fake ground to position (Y). Pick point read from fake ground. Not best work around, but works for me.
  9. Arte

    Unable to get mesh on click event

    @Varsha Kamble "I think, there is some scaling difference between both of these models (correct me if i am wrong)." Correct Can you provide a repro in playground ? As @Wingnut mentioned "If you could model something less detailed...".
  10. Arte

    Unable to get mesh on click event

    @Varsha Kamble Check Line: 125 Mesh position far away. That why not working.
  11. Arte

    Label above the mesh

    Hi @alexoy Try mesh.setPivotPoint(new BABYLON.Vector3(x,y,z));
  12. Arte

    Unable to get mesh on click event

    Hi @Varsha Kamble and welcome, Some meshes isPickable = false; On importing, set isPickable = true; Instead of eventListener you can use scene.onPointerObservable
  13. You Guys Rock! Thank you for all your efforts and dedication.
  14. #30 working as expected (Chrome, IE, FF). I done my homework on "onPointerObservable onPrePointerObservable", and... On IE and Chrome working, but FF fails (no evt.DELTA). I have a feeling DELTAkosh has taken another part. . If(true) return else keep it
  15. Hi @legallon This could help you.