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  1. big machine animation questions

    Hi from me, Lets have fun with CNC router Keys: W,A,S,D,8 and 2
  2. Everything explained by BABYLON library (Wingnut). I wish i could explain the way You do! Maybe one day .
  3. Hi @BlackMojito Is this what you are looking for?
  4. Hi all, And here TransformNode doc.
  5. Stupid me!!! I need to move camera accordingly (zoom IN-OUT) on viewport or change viewport size depend on windows size.
  6. If you try to resize window you'll see it will only resize scene (engine) but not Viewport. How I can update Viewport . Any advice please?
  7. Actually vector3 should check?!
  8. Start from beginning... And one step at a time, obviously with console.log();
  9. Parametric cabinet

    Thank you @Deltakosh. As soon as it will be launched online you will be able to share it on your website.
  10. Hi @dhiru When you loading from JSON, all positions you have as string. Before applying position to cylinder convert string to int. Line: 285 in patterncreator.js var myPositionVector = new BABYLON.Vector3(load.XPosition, load.YPosition, load.ZPosition); change to var myPositionVector = new BABYLON.Vector3(+load.XPosition, +load.YPosition, +load.ZPosition); As @Wingnut mentioned "Use console.log LOTS LOTS LOTS", "Console.log(anything) is your friend". Party!!!
  11. Parametric cabinet

    Hi All, I have not updated anything for a long time. My spare time project. Your opinion is important to me. ;-)
  12. myout.cloneNode => myout1.cloneNode; Fixed!
  13. @Wingnut For a long time I have no opportunity to play with Baby.. js and my project. Now I'm trying to remember everything
  14. Hi @dhiru, Cylinder inside Box = Collision true; Add ellipsoid to cylinder and walls (box). Line 18 and 37
  15. Wingnut I have just found old topic. Nice animate camera (target, position) set! PARTY!