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  1. Vertices Position on cube

    Hi @Xav Group Vertices
  2. New Structure to Documentation

    Links: from page not working.
  3. Parametric cabinet

    User panel
  4. Parametric cabinet

    Good idea! Rock!!! But I'm trying to keep it as simple as possible. Second video i will upload later today (User panel)
  5. Parametric cabinet

    @Wingnut What do you mean "Parametric Cabinet Scripting Language" v1.0?
  6. Parametric cabinet

    Hi Babylon community, First of all I would like to say thank you for framework! After 5 months of friendship with Babylon js, my project 'Parametric Cabinets' halfway through! It's still pretty rough, but works on all devices! And now it's time to ask for your opinion. Video link (Admin panel) Next step improve materials, edges and shadows. Questions: 1. For each part I'm using enableEdgesRendering(), but lines not solid. 2. For each face I'm using MultiMaterial with subMaterials. Is this Ok for performance? (keep in mind I need control all grains for all faces) 3. Shadows? I need good example of shadows, please Regards Arte
  7. moveWithCollisions

    @Lary Here we go. Simplified Version Hope it suits your needs
  8. moveWithCollisions

    @Lary Still not perfect, . Work in progress...
  9. moveWithCollisions

    I have error in console maybe @RaananW can help us?
  10. moveWithCollisions

    @Lary PG not working!
  11. moveWithCollisions

    Me too! BOOM!!! Sorry Lary, we stealing your topic
  12. moveWithCollisions

    This weekend i'll make demo video of my project (halfway through 50% PARTY ), I need BJS community opinion.
  13. moveWithCollisions

    We have just 4 options to check: var world = this.getWorldMatrix(); var worldOrigin = BABYLON.Vector3.TransformCoordinates(ray.origin, world); var direction = ray.direction.clone(); direction = direction.scale(intersectInfo.distance); var worldDirection = BABYLON.Vector3.TransformNormal(direction, world); PARTY over!