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  1. Update: "One step at a time"
  2. Arte

    mergeMeshes multimaterial and SerializeMesh

    @MarianG My code is working. I tried yours... no luck.
  3. Hi @max123,
  4. "Sorry, you cannot add any more reactions today." Ouch!!! @babbleon Thank you. There is really some points to improve.
  5. Select source point -> select destination point = Done! (just 2 clicks) It is not finished yet. I'm just playing around
  6. Arte

    Leaderboard sample

    As @aWeirdo mentioned everything in documentation.
  7. Arte

    Leaderboard sample

    Hi @TRsiew and welcome from me, Is this what you looking for?
  8. @babbleon It really looks good. 👍 I'm just wondering why do you need shift-click? Why not: click box1 -> click box2 -> click source point -> click destination point. Everything depends of you needs. "Black Ambrosia" Yummyyyyyyyyyyyyy. But I can smell vanilla and black cherry from my 5 pipe's... Ok I need to go for about 15-20min ...Yummyyyyyyyyyyyyy...yyy..
  9. HI-5 Sorry guys we are out of tune. Back to snap - back to reality.
  10. @Wingnut I know that it is not healthy . But I'm really enjoying for last N years.
  11. Sounds good to me, but not for tablet/Ipad users I need coffee to with pipe
  12. Snap offset would be preset for simplicity. Button in my project is just On-Off snap.
  13. When you move very fast (green box). It will snap inside box . I know we can check that is well. Another improvement: snap offset, and in general.
  14. @babbleon, @Wingnut How about this I need to improve snapping in my project. I know that together we can do something. *Edit* - green box draggable
  15. Arte

    if metadata

    @babbleon You can implement like: let hasOwnNestedProperty = function(obj, path) { for (var i = 0, path = path.split('.'), len = path.length; i < len; i++) { obj = obj[path[i]]; if (!obj) return false; } return true; }; if ( hasOwnNestedProperty(evt.pickInfo.pickedMesh,'metadata.pointType') && evt.pickInfo.pickedMesh.metadata.pointType === 'source' ) { console.log('mesh as metadata: source'); } }