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  1. Hi ozRocker, Is this what you are looking for? "CAT IS PICKED! Line 60-61-62"
  2. Yes it works. I will tag as best answer . But I'm still looking for better solution. Every time I change the size I need to create new parent, I'm not happy with that. I can see I'm not alone with "parenting and scaling can be a nightmare @JohnK". I like "Just another one of my famous "feel around in the dark" testing methods @Wingnut". But in the day time I feel safe. Yes that makes sense @Deltakosh Should we start new topic "How WE can improve parent and child relationship"?
  3. This is exactly what i'm trying at the moment. I'm running out off options.
  4. Before we scaling parent, any chance to freeze/lock child scaling?
  5. @JohnK "Do you want to use collisions for fitting shelves and draws?" Spot On
  6. @JohnK Thank you for links. I'm using BABYLON.MeshBuilder.CreateBox() to create parents, child's BABYLON.Mesh.CreateBox() . Sorry for my English (its my 3rd language)
  7. @Wingnut "are you going to need LIVE-adjusting? Like... perhaps some + and - buttons that need to live-update cabinet width/height/depth?" Yes Its not that difficult to create a parametric cabinet, but it is considerably harder to make live updates.
  8. @JohnK I am trying to create parametric cabinet with components. Does it make sense?
  9. I know how to use 3d software and program CNC mashines, but this stuff ??? Time for something new
  10. @Wingnut My background is cad/cam technician . Thank you for trying. @Deltakosh Can we recreate somehow? or just clone mesh before BakeTransformIntoVertices and reattach children's? The reason for this: I have so many problems with parent.create..... child.create..... child.parent=parent child1.create..... child1.parent=child child2.create..... child2.parent=child1 and ........ recalculate scale for every child is
  11. Wingnut, No luck. I have Playground: Try to move greenBox before 3sec and after 3sec.
  12. Hi, Collision after mesh.bakeTransformIntoVertices() not working. Any suggestions? Thanks.