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  1. I have some line meshes that are just 2 vectors, one at the start and the other for the end. These lines then update every pre-render as they are between two objects that move. I have noticed that when the end vector position is out of view of the camera then the line doesn't show. Is this normal behaviour? How can I correct it so that the lines always render no matter if the end point is out of view or not? Thanks
  2. Thanks! I will give it a week to see what you come up with.
  3. Anyone have any guidance on this?
  4. <script src=""></script> <script src=""></script> <script> SystemJS.config({ //First peramiter is the the name of the module from node. The second parameter is the express route to pick it up from (assuming default extension also) map: { 'babylonjs': 'babylon', '': '', 'babylonjs.gui': '' }, //Assume that all files have a .js at the end packages: { '/': { defaultExtension: 'js' } } }); //Entry point (with default extention) SystemJS.import('client'); </script> Could I ask for some guidance on how best to reference it in? I am currently just doing this in my index html, and am getting a error: Error: Cannot read property 'textures' of null Evaluating http://localhost:8999/client.js Loading client at AdvancedDynamicTexture.t (babylon.js:11) at AdvancedDynamicTexture.i [as constructor] (babylon.js:11) at AdvancedDynamicTexture.i [as constructor] (babylon.js:26) at new AdvancedDynamicTexture (babylon.gui.js:sourcemap:23) at Function.AdvancedDynamicTexture.CreateFullscreenUI (babylon.gui.js:sourcemap:335) at new UI (ui.ts:11) at new Client (client.js:16) at Object.eval (client.js:205) at eval (client.js:207) at eval (client.js:208) Do I also have to reference it in my TypeScript file? What as an import or a ///reference? How do I do that without loosing the reference for the core babylon import?
  5. Thanks. I saw this and the conversation chain with dyw in this topic: I will reference it from the CDN for now. Thanks for all your hard work
  6. Hi. Just chiming in. I am in the same boat, trying to do the same thing (my name is also Christopher). Maybe this is a Christopher problem? Did you get anywhere with it?
  7. Text2D is not a constructor?

    I have created a new topic as this question isn't related to the original topic.
  8. Hi. I have the latest alpha 3.0 version of BabylonJS from NPM. Babylon.GUI is included in the files. However, how do I reference it into my project? Thanks in advance
  9. Text2D is not a constructor?

    Thanks John. Question: Can I load the Canvas2D extension through NPM? I am using TypeScript and would prefer everything going through NPM. What are my best options here?
  10. Text2D is not a constructor?

    I am getting the same issue. The link you posted 404's I am using the current NPM release
  11. Which Typescript IDE

    Because this topic is well indexed on Google I will update it a little. I think TypeScript has matured a lot since 2013. There is also a lot of support for it in different IDEs now. One great one is Visual Studio Code, which is made by microsoft, but is more similar to Atom.
  12. Drawing Firing Arcs

    I have begun ripping out source from Babylon as well.
  13. Drawing Firing Arcs

    Cheers. Is that the point.subtractToRef(center, _translatedPoint); line? This is some maths I have never seen before. What does it do?
  14. Drawing Firing Arcs

    Sable, could this be adapted so it didn't use the babylon line let distance = BABYLON.Vector3.Distance(point, center);? Eventually I would like to also run this function server-side for verification, and wouldn't have access to the Babylon framework? This is why I did my own distance calculation using sqrt before.
  15. Drawing Firing Arcs

    Thanks sable, that looks exactly what I want. I will go through and try to understand it a little later.