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  1. You can refer this PG:
  2. Animation not playing

    Sorry, they are too long, i can't read all. Can you create a short demo in for your issue?
  3. Animation not playing

    A PG will help everyone faster help you
  4. freeze Layer

    You are right! Indeed, difficult to render only once. If tomorrow ends, no one has the solution i will close topic
  5. freeze Layer

    Hello! I'm using BABYLON.Layer for a static background. Any way freeze/checkOnlyOnce/renderOnlyOnce Layer for performance? Simple PG: Thank you!
  6. [BUG?] PS - renderingGroupId

    Thanks for answer! My mind is not like that. I JUST want ps2 has effected by renderingGroupId and ps1 is not. In PG: I comment line 57 when that ps1 run normal. I think this is a bug of babylon in new version.
  7. Hello! I have two particle system, I only set renderingGroupId = 1 for ps2 but ps1 has also effected. Is that normal or bug? Simple & fast PG: Line 57.
  8. Sorry @jerome but it incorrect when i random rotation
  9. WOW......... Awesome! Thank you so much!
  10. Hello everyone! I am creating an effect use SolidParticleSystem. I calculated direction particle (arrow in PG) move to ahead but it wrong. I created a simple PG: I searched and tried more than 3 hours but i has failed Thanks for everyone!
  11. [Solved] Mesh Follow Curve

    Hope this help:
  12. Doubt about inverted texture

    You can try: if(textureMat != null){ this.material.diffuseTexture = new BABYLON.Texture("texturas/"+textureMat, scene, false, false); }
  13. GUI - Support Bitmap Font

    Yeah! I will wait to your experiment topic
  14. Hi @Deltakosh and @royibernthal ! Are you any plan support Bitmap font for TextBlock?