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  1. SinhNQ

    Combine Babylon.js with Pixi.js

    Hi Vorion! The use of 2 canvases are the bad performance. With my solution, babylon.js and pixi.js shared webgl context, them will give better performance.
  2. SinhNQ

    Combine Babylon.js with Pixi.js

    1) Basically, TweenMax.js will interpolate the value of the target over time and assign that value to the target. Above example: the target is ground.rotation, value is y. TweenMax.js will interpolate from current value ground.rotation.y to Math.PI * 2. 2) I have not read the license for a long time, I do not know if they have changed or not. All my games use TweenMax.js for free.
  3. SinhNQ

    Combine Babylon.js with Pixi.js

    Hi Jack! I don't think babylon.js can mix with jQuery, jQuery.animate only effect for a object of CSS properties. With GSAP lib - TweenMax.js is FREE 😁
  4. SinhNQ

    Combine Babylon.js with Pixi.js

    OK i will do it when there is free time. Should i add into Resources/Library folder in the Document?
  5. SinhNQ

    Combine Babylon.js with Pixi.js

    Thanks Dk and jerome! πŸ˜ƒ
  6. Hello, * Introducing a bit of pixi.js: pixi.js has full webgl support, a best framework for 2D game with rendering very fast. Would be great if you want make UI game with pixi.js and combine with babylon.js. (Will I get paid for advertising? NO..🀣) Demo babylon.js + pixi.js : This is a perfect duo for your web game world, which you can create high quality games. 😁 Moreover, you can also use GSAP for creating high-performance animations. Demo babylon.js + pixi.js + GSAP lib:
  7. OK thank Gijs and DK πŸ˜€
  8. Original demo: I replaced StandardMaterial with BackgroundMaterial but Projection Texture of Spot Light not display. How to fix it? Thanks for any helps. πŸ˜€
  9. SinhNQ

    Screenshot Issue

    Hi! Before make screenshot you must force render scene. Line magic 31 😁:
  10. Another option you might consider is the mixed up between pixi.js and babylon.js.
  11. Hi! Yes, you can handle all event of AssetsManager. Example: for(var i = 0; i < lengthMeshesNeedToLoad; i++){ assetsManaget.addMeshTask(taskName, meshesNames, rootUrl); } assetsManaget.onProgress = function (waitingTasksCount, tasksLength, task){ } assetsManaget.onTaskSuccess = function (task){ } assetsManaget.onTaskError= function (task){ } assetsManaget.onFinish = function (tasks){ } assetsManaget.load();
  12. Thanks aWeirdo! Yes, i know that. because of in my special case, i forced to do this 😁
  13. WOW... Your memory is good 😁 Yes, previously i have asked about it but applicable in the case use Scrolling Component (it extended Container, have time i will make a PR πŸ™‚). Currently, in my game have a full screen UI, have a special layer (Container) and set isPointerBlockerο»Ώ = true. This leads to the Mesh and Sprite using ActionManager are not triggered event. If this is not a bug, i will find another way to fix it. 😁
  14. Hi! As like the title, please refer to the PG: If this is not a bug, how to fix it? (Not remove or set isPointerBlocker = false). Thanks! 😘
  15. SinhNQ

    Newbie OnPickTrigger Problem

    Fixed: 😁