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  1. Thanks aWeirdo! Yes, i know that. because of in my special case, i forced to do this 😁
  2. WOW... Your memory is good 😁 Yes, previously i have asked about it but applicable in the case use Scrolling Component (it extended Container, have time i will make a PR πŸ™‚). Currently, in my game have a full screen UI, have a special layer (Container) and set isPointerBlockerο»Ώ = true. This leads to the Mesh and Sprite using ActionManager are not triggered event. If this is not a bug, i will find another way to fix it. 😁
  3. Hi! As like the title, please refer to the PG: If this is not a bug, how to fix it? (Not remove or set isPointerBlocker = false). Thanks! 😘
  4. SinhNQ

    Newbie OnPickTrigger Problem

    Fixed: 😁
  5. Hi, Welcome to the Babylon.js's forum 😁 Before use moveToVector3 method you must call scene.updateTransformMatrix() function. I don't know why but i have encountered this problem. @Deltakosh or someone will explain to you.
  6. I recommend you use GreenSock API - the best framework for HTML5 Animation. I been used more than 3 year for 2D and 3D projects. 😁
  7. Hi, I think this is bug (not sure) but you can use tricks by set _isStarted = false πŸ˜… Fixed:
  8. SinhNQ

    Meshes from .obj file are loaded twice

    Hi, That is normal. Your model have 2 meshes, meshes[0] have no subMeshes, you can remove it before exported.
  9. SinhNQ


    Hi, I think this is what you need πŸ™„
  10. SinhNQ


    Hi, Yes! You can use scene.beginAnimation() function with target is mesh.skeleton, it will return an animatable instance.
  11. Hi! With animation loop = true, onAnimationEnd will not triggered. Change to, it will working for you.
  12. SinhNQ

    cloning models animation

    Hi! Sr for slow reply πŸ˜… Link download tools: steps by steps use: - run 'cmd' and cd to FbxExporter folder. ...\FbxExporter\Redist\babylon fbx tools x64 - FbxExporter.exe path_your_fbx_file.fbx output [fps:60|30|24] [/skipemptynodes] [/animstack:"animstack_name"] Thanks to author but I really don't remember who it was 😁. Seem to be dbawel... or someone? πŸ™„
  13. SinhNQ

    hoverboard setup

    Ahahaha 🀣
  14. SinhNQ

    cloning models animation

    Hi! This problem... Hm... it's hard to say. I don't use Blender so I don't know how to guide to export. ☹️ I tried open .fbx file with 3dsMax and exported but not success. Final... i use an old exporter has been deprecated and removed from that is FbxExporter. Yes!.. it's him 😁 Maybe it stopped develop so long but it still working at well until at the moment. I will share tool for you on tomorrow, it's in my computer on my company πŸ˜…
  15. SinhNQ

    cloning models animation

    DONE! You can download file .babylon from Hope this help you! πŸ˜‰