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  1. Hi, Welcome to the Babylon.js's forum 😁 Before use moveToVector3 method you must call scene.updateTransformMatrix() function. I don't know why but i have encountered this problem. @Deltakosh or someone will explain to you.
  2. I recommend you use GreenSock API - the best framework for HTML5 Animation. I been used more than 3 year for 2D and 3D projects. 😁
  3. Hi, I think this is bug (not sure) but you can use tricks by set _isStarted = false 😅 Fixed:
  4. SinhNQ

    Meshes from .obj file are loaded twice

    Hi, That is normal. Your model have 2 meshes, meshes[0] have no subMeshes, you can remove it before exported.
  5. SinhNQ


    Hi, I think this is what you need 🙄
  6. SinhNQ


    Hi, Yes! You can use scene.beginAnimation() function with target is mesh.skeleton, it will return an animatable instance.
  7. Hi! With animation loop = true, onAnimationEnd will not triggered. Change to, it will working for you.
  8. SinhNQ

    cloning models animation

    Hi! Sr for slow reply 😅 Link download tools: steps by steps use: - run 'cmd' and cd to FbxExporter folder. ...\FbxExporter\Redist\babylon fbx tools x64 - FbxExporter.exe path_your_fbx_file.fbx output [fps:60|30|24] [/skipemptynodes] [/animstack:"animstack_name"] Thanks to author but I really don't remember who it was 😁. Seem to be dbawel... or someone? 🙄
  9. SinhNQ

    hoverboard setup

    Ahahaha đŸ¤Ŗ
  10. SinhNQ

    cloning models animation

    Hi! This problem... Hm... it's hard to say. I don't use Blender so I don't know how to guide to export. ☚ī¸ I tried open .fbx file with 3dsMax and exported but not success. Final... i use an old exporter has been deprecated and removed from that is FbxExporter. Yes!.. it's him 😁 Maybe it stopped develop so long but it still working at well until at the moment. I will share tool for you on tomorrow, it's in my computer on my company 😅
  11. SinhNQ

    cloning models animation

    DONE! You can download file .babylon from Hope this help you! 😉
  12. SinhNQ

    cloning models animation

    if not related to security issues, can you share for me your model (.max or .fbx file)? I will try export.
  13. SinhNQ

    cloning models animation

    I see your model have problem. They have up to 90 meshes, therein only 7 meshes have material. I guess that while exporting, you exported include bones. Only selected your object (exclude bones), re-export and try again. 😀
  14. Added:
  15. Hi @Deltakosh As like the title, can you support some missing properties for GPUParticleSystem? 1. manualEmitCount 2. minAngularSpeed 3. maxAngularSpeed 4. AnimationSheet Would be great if they have be supported Thank you!