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  1. [WIP] Mad World, Cross-platform MMORPG

  2. Thanks for the feedback. When you say UX, are you referring to UI? or like learning curve and everything?
  3. Hi! I work with him so let me explain. First of all thank you for the compliments. We are targeting all platforms from PC to Facebook to even Steam but if we had to choose one, PC market is the one with the heaviest emphasis. We had little over 15,000 unique accounts participating in the event during the three days. The event was open to PC users only. We began developing the engine in 2013, and the actual development for the game began in 2015. You can check our history here: https://www.madworldmmo.com/about-1 It is our full time job, and right now we have 14 staff without prior investment.
  4. Hey guys, We are making a HTML5 MMORPG called Mad World, and we are throwing an in-game Halloween event next week. We want to welcome everyone to join =) Mad World is a game with traditional MMORPG elements, grotesque monsters, boss raids, and battle arena modes and more. This time we are unveiling one map with two battle arena modes. The server is open from October 30 to November 1, and you can launch the game here during the event. Game Link: http://halloween.madworldmmo.com/ Please note that the game is still in alpha stage and we want to reveal game content little by little. You guys are welcome to give us any feedback or questions on our forum. https://www.madworldmmo.com/forum Alright, hope to see you guys next week!
  5. [WIP] Mad World, Cross-platform MMORPG

    Hi! Nothing is fixed at the moment. You're welcome to ask technical questions on our forum btw. https://www.madworldmmo.com/forum/technology
  6. [WIP] Mad World, Cross-platform MMORPG

    We are throwing an in-game event next week (Oct 30 ~ Nov 1) Everyone's welcome to try the game. You can join the game here during the event time. : halloween.madworldmmo.com Here's a video showing the things you can expect in the in-game event.
  7. [WIP] Mad World, Cross-platform MMORPG

    Thank you! Will do!
  8. [WIP] Mad World, Cross-platform MMORPG

    Yes, it does. We will try to contact them later.
  9. [WIP] Mad World, Cross-platform MMORPG

    No, not yet. But Switch doesn't seem to support H5 games, or do they?
  10. [WIP] Mad World, Cross-platform MMORPG

    We made a video showcasing the technologies we use to develop our HTML5 MMORPG. https://youtu.be/7Sg_tUoN3qk What do you think?
  11. [WIP] Mad World, Cross-platform MMORPG

    Here are the video clips from the latest internal test we did a few weeks ago. Latest Development Update
  12. [WIP] Mad World, Cross-platform MMORPG

    Thank you! Yeah, it will be really awesome if the game gets some buzz. We haven't tried but maybe will try in future tests. =)
  13. [WIP] Mad World, Cross-platform MMORPG

    Here's the latest update. We recently did a cross-platform test to see how synchronized the game runs on multiple platforms, and here it is. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihLZWfnnG0A Although we noticed a few hiccups here and there on a low spec smartphone. we are quite pleased with the results.
  14. [WIP] Mad World, Cross-platform MMORPG

    Will do! =)
  15. [WIP] Mad World, Cross-platform MMORPG

    Hi! We use an engine based on our own technology and a collection of modified versions of open source libraries like PixiJS v3 (for 2d rendering). We use Spine for animation.