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  1. How to create a cloud platform with Tiled Map Editor

    I realise this is a super-late response, and it doesn't answer the question directly as it related to tilemaps with Tiled (I have very limited experience with that); however, this thread is the 2nd result on Google for 'phaser cloud platform', and I understood 'cloud platform' in exactly the same way as you, @jansensan - a platform that you could jump up through, and then land on (rather than an actual cloud that was moving). So, again: not an answer with Tiled, but there is already a Phaser example of almost exactly this method: The trick is to set the `platform.body.checkCollision.down` property to `false`. Assuming you're doing this by adding platforms into a `group()`, you can do this with `setAll`: this.platforms =; this.platforms.enableBody = true; // Add the platforms this.platforms.setAll('body.checkCollision.down', false);