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  1. Empty Mesh/Node Object for Parenting?

    Great, old threads related to this topic basically stated to create a Mesh & set it's visibility to false!
  2. How to create Empty Mesh/Node for Parenting? The Empty Node must have Position, & other Transform data!
  3. Can we use Pixi JS for GUI on Top of Babyon JS?

    Also, will there be a performance penalty if we do so?
  4. Can we use Pixi JS for GUI on Top of Babyon JS?

    You can render one canvas on top of another? I am not a web dev! I have just learned core js to port existing project to WebGL! Please give some more details!
  5. Can we use Pixi JS for GUI on Top of Babyon JS?

    Which Texture to set it to render in?
  6. If we can, please explain with some steps! Thanks!
  7. GLTF Normal Maps Not showing up

    Normal Maps are not working in gLTF! Maya 2014 x64 Plugin For Export from Maya to Collada COLLADA-MAYA-PC-2014 v1.6.58 [Link]( Collada2Gltf Version COLLADA2GLTF-2.0-windows-Release-x64 Just to be Clear, this is not a error on Babylon JS side as this is the case for Other Engines too! Maybe this happens due to complex conversion pipeline from fbx to gLTF! Download Files Here
  8. Problem with gLTF2 Loader when using 2 uv channels

    Ok! I will ask the Art Team for a Model!
  9. What are the approaches available for UI in Babylon JS?

    Can we do a scroll rect in Babylon GUI?
  10. I need both World Space Canvas & Screen Space Canvas! What is the best approach for that? I have Confusion Regarding Canvas2D & Babylon GUI. Also, if there is something better available please suggest it! The World Space UI will include Video, Image, Text etc.
  11. when using 2 uv channels Model is loaded correctly when using three js & Cesium js to view it! But using gLTF2Loader 3.1 preview it is not loaded correctly! Also, there is problem in gLTF2Loader 3.0 stable even a basic cube model that I downloaded from gltf samples is not loaded correctly it looks inverted & on zooming disappears!