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  1. How do I make a sprite immovable and impassable?

    I'm having a little trouble with this too - the above answers won't work for me. I have two immovable sprites stacked on top of each other (wooden boxes) that the player needs to destroy to pass through. If the lower box is destroyed the box on top of it should fall down, however, with the above solutions (body.immovable = true, body.moves = false) you end up with a floating box above where the previous/destroyed one used to be. body.immovable = true, body.moves = false | sprite doesn't react to gravity body.immovable = true, body.moves = true | sprites react to gravity but overlap. So you end up with both boxes overlapping. body.immovable = false, body.moves = true | sprites react to gravity and collide with each other...but now move when player walks into them. I've tried bumping up the body.mass and body.friction to see if I can make the body so solid it simply can't be moved by the player walking into it...but I can't seem to get that to work either. Any ideas? Thanks!!