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  1. Picking Flowers is a minimalist relaxing arcade game designed to bring you to a state of steady focus and move your thoughts to the present. Gameplay Plucking flowers throws petals into the air. Petals over empty space create holes Petals over holes fills them. If you step directly in a hole you will fall. Grab as many Flowers as you can without falling. Controls Tap left or right and right of screen or press left and right arrow keys - Runs on Mobile and desktop
  2. JonathanDaar

    [Phaser] Power The Blocks

    I think this is a great game. Simple and well executed. BdR makes some good points on the mechanics. But I want to say visually the Squinting BOX guy unnerves me. He just kind of blankly looks around the screen randomly like he's seeing things that aren't there, mouth agape and he squints a lot. Is he on drugs? He looks like he's on drugs. Is that what this electricity is? A way for him to get his kicks? jokes aside if you go back to replay an old puzzle to get more stars it should take you to the menu, not the next puzzle in the series and when replaying a previously beaten puzzle with a tutorial segment I think the tutorial running again is unnecessary.