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  1. Solved . Creating a bounding box and moving it did solve the issue, although I did try it before, anyway thanks
  2. Hello, need a little help here I have a scene where I load a dude and clone many versions of him (about 20). I enable collisions on them, on a tank in the scene, and also on the ground. collisions work as expected when I order the dudes to moveWithCollision until they hit the wall, and also when they move towards the tank. But : Dudes do not collide with each other, when they come close, they merge and become a single dude. I tried modifying the ellipsoid and ellipsoid offset , made them much more bigger and still the same effect. I tried also creating a bounding box , making it a child of dude , and moving it with collisions instead, but things didn't go so well also. This is my demo (compressed) - tried to use the playground , loading assets from the github repo url but it didn't work. https://github.com/AhmedFathiShaban/webgl/blob/master/Demo.rar I also tried using this function Temechon provided here to visualize the ellipsoid , and whatever the size I make of the ellipsoid they finally merge with each other, I see the ellipsoids merge without the slightest objection Pleasetell me the best practice in this situation, I am sure I am not the first to try to load multiple dudes with collision Thanks in advance