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  1. Apollo14

    What skills are required for Phaser development?

    By the way, guys, can you please help me with downloading Gideros? https://github.com/gideros/gideros/releases Please upload it to some decent file hosting like https://mega.nz/ I've tried like 20 times to download Gideros.exe from Github redirecting to amazonaws, but few minutes after start I see this sh*t every time: AccessDenied Request has expired 300 2017-08-17T01:45:29Z 2017-08-17T02:04:16Z 5E52E829101F1711 GnyiSC+RTk/HqcVfsr/PHXxSwGgq07OGf4RekGSV4LQmlLx1rsx2vJkfwN/VTneJHPtefLFwvVQ=
  2. Apollo14

    What skills are required for Phaser development?

    I decided to try C2 and Gideros, and later on check how people develop similar stuff in Unity. I'm playing with C2 now, video tutorials are of great help. I guess when I'll learn and understand basic concepts of game development, it won't be a big problem for me to switch to another environment (I don't see any reason to stay with C2 longer than 2-3 weeks). Guys, I have some new questions now: 1) There are plenty of gamedev software: Gamemaker, Construct, Godot, etc. Is Gideros a unique gem among all of them?There is no other game constructor with similar functionality for making NATIVE apps? 2) @Ninjadoodle, it seems Gideros doesn't have lots of plugins&extensions. Do you miss them in any way? Or it has pretty much everything that's necessary? 3) Do you know, if Gideros is a really good choice for multiplayer android/ios 2d game development? Or some essential multiplayer functionality is missing? Android multiplayer games are total wild west, there are lots of really, really poor multiplayer games that gain millions of installs. Can you please tell, what way do you go? What is not overcrowded? I don't know, I did some research, it seems that Google Play is still a "wild west" in many cases. There are lots of really poor stupid apps that gained over 1 million downloads even in 2017. (poor apps like religious holidays calendars, or apps with bikini girls photos from the internet, or yet another 10000th bejeweled clone, etc.).
  3. Apollo14

    What skills are required for Phaser development?

    Thx, Ninjadoodle! Now I'm choosing between Unity 2d and Construct 2. Gideros looks good, but I'm worried about tutorials. For Construct 2 there are plenty, for Unity there are hundreds, if not thousands. And I've read that all publishers love Unity very much.
  4. Apollo14

    What skills are required for Phaser development?

    Guys, I am going to create very simple 2D games. Something like this at the beginning: https://www.truevalhalla.com/blog/buy-html5-games http://m.blackmoondev.com/ Later on I wanna make some simple replayable games, with simple upgrade system, loot, etc. But what about Facebook? Is there some bad obstacles? Definitely it has enough money and audience. Or is it overcrowded already?
  5. Apollo14

    What skills are required for Phaser development?

    I did some research for few hours... still I'm confused. Yep, developing web-services is well-paid now, and Javascript is the king with all his frameworks. But if my goal is to develop Android/iOS games, then probably I should go straight to Unity Engine? (learning basic C# syntax is not a problem, anyway I'm not advanced at Javascript yet, so I have nothing to lose)
  6. Apollo14

    What skills are required for Phaser development?

    OMG! Guys, it seems I'm totally misinformed! So Phaser is not a right choice for MOBILE apps? I was misguided by course titles: "The Complete Mobile Game Development Course" - Zenva "The Complete Mobile Game Development Course with Phaser" - Udemy
  7. Hi guys! I've been working as a web developer during last 5 years (the reason I quit: webdev/SEO is extremely overcrowded). I'm good at photoshop/html/css web design. Javascript: intermediate, just read some cookbooks, created some basic scripts. What skills are absolutely mandatory before jumping into Phaser? Should I improve my JS or HTML5 Canvas skills first? Or should I already start watching Phaser newbie courses asap? What courses do you recommend by the way? I see only zenva/udemy/lynda (and all of them most likely are too superficial) I wonder why so few courses on Phaser? The industry is still not overcrowded, waiting for me to conquer and dominate?