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  1. Hello GameDevs, I am doing a turn-based board game as a college project for both desktop and mobile browsers using PhaserJS framework. However I have ran into a problem regarding the input on mobile. Here's a part of my code: function move (sprite){ //disabling input so the user can't interrupt the moving sprite game.input.enabled = false; //move the selected sprite to a blue tile game.physics.arcade.moveToObject(spriteSelecionado,sprite,60,600); //function to stop the sprite from moving permanently game.time.events.add(600, function () { //stops the sprite spriteSelecionado.body.velocity.x = 0; spriteSelecionado.body.velocity.y = 0; //clean the tiles used for moving the sprite movimentacao.callAll('kill'); /*This is where the problem resides. While on desktop browers it works just fine, the line above doesn't re-enable the input on mobile after a couple times it is used */ game.input.enabled = true; }, this); } I am currently disabling all the input while the moving sprite hasn't reached its destination so the player doesn't end up clicking midway on it and screwing up the game animations. After the turn ends, I reactivate the input so game continues. The problem is that this just works twice on mobile, If I try to move the game sprites twice all my Input stops responding. (if I click on the console whi
  2. Tesserato

    Can't create new objects in phaser group

    Just found that that the board sprite (tabuleiro.png) was being rendered AFTER the creation of the group. Therefore, every instance of capetinha was beign overlayed by it. Thank you everyone.
  3. Tesserato

    Can't create new objects in phaser group

    What version of Phaser are you using?
  4. Tesserato

    Can't create new objects in phaser group

    The sprite doesn't appears. After a while I used "capetinhas.countLiving" on the console and it returned me 1. Therefore, the object is created but the sprite doesn't load. P.S. I don't get any error.
  5. Hello comrades, I'm new to phaser and I can't seem to create new objects to the group "capetinhas", even though I can load the sprite through game.add.sprite. Here's the code: var game = new Phaser.Game(448, 448, Phaser.AUTO, '', { preload: preload, create: create, update: update }); function preload () { game.load.image('tabuleiro','assets/tabuleiro.png') game.load.spritesheet('devil','assets/devil.png',32,32); var capetinhas; } function create (){ capetinhas = game.add.group(); game.add.sprite(window.width,0,'tabuleiro');//loading the background game.add.sprite(128,128,'devil'); // this works capetinhas.create(32,32,'devil'); // this doesnt } function update (){ } Any helpe would be really apreciated. Thanks in advance.