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  1. Hi! You can call me Kit. I make music, hence this being a music station. I've been composing for about two years for a project I've been working on with a couple friends. I realized I could raise some extra money for it by composing for other people, so hopefully we can work something out. You can see my portfolio here: It's right here! It's got an extremely heavy focus on electronic, jazzy stuff, but I will gleefully do whatever you want me to do. Do you want a country style bluegrass jam over a screaming acid house bassline? Can do. Do you want a bombastic orchestral arrangement but where every instrument is a bike horn? Glad to oblige. Do you want to go avant-garde and make your game's OST completely silent? Works for me. If this sounds good to you, let's start talking about prices. PRICING: You can pay in two different ways. I either work for $10 an hour (rounded to the nearest hour), or $20 per minute of music (rounded to the nearest thirty seconds). If you want to pay per minute, keep in mind that revisions cost extra. If you give me a good idea of what you want, I can crank something out for you lasting about two minutes in about three to five hours. Basically, paying per minute of music or per hour of work will come out to about the same price, so it's really up to you. BUDGETING: I'm admittedly new to this, so if you need to figure out whether you can pay for me or how my prices compare to other people, I'm happy to give you an estimate if you give me a budget, a tracklist, and a general style. Youtube links as references are a good idea - these help a lot when it comes to figuring out what I can do for you. I'm also down to give you a quick snippet of music lasting between thirty to forty five seconds if you want to know what to expect when you work with me. Keep in mind that it won't be a complete track, but it'll probably help us reach an understanding regarding workflow, communication, etc. If this sounds good to you, feel free to drop me a line at I'll be waiting for you. Cheers!