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  1. Fixed!. Thanks b10b. The project is in very alpha status yet.
  2. aKTiv Games

    Translation help needed for my first game

    I can help you with Spanish (Spain) and CatalĂ  (Catalonia).
  3. aKTiv Games

    I'm a programmer and I want to help

    Hello Erandros, I'm currently developing a Point and Click game with Phaser based on the TV Show Stranger Things. I'm looking for interested people to help with this project. ;)
  4. aKTiv Games

    Music/Audio Offered

    I love 'It Begins' song! Old style game music. I'm looking for something like that for my project. If you're interested you're welcome.
  5. Hello Jake, Nice to meet you. I'm so glad of your interest with this free (un-paid) project. I would like to hear a sample of your portfolio to know if your style fit with what I'm looking for the game. Like I said on topic, old-style music in retro pc games such Adlib, Midi, Chiptune, etc... I'm currently developing a test version of the game for project partners that it will be soon available. Very alpha on: http://www.aktivgames.com Thanks!.
  6. aKTiv Games

    Point and click adventure games

    I'm trying to do something like you say but in old-style games like monkey island.
  7. Hello to everyone, I'm currently developing a fan-made, retro-style and non-profit game with Phaser based on the TV show Stranger Things. The main idea is to do a Point and Click game like old classics (Monkey Island saga, Indiana Jones and the fate of atlantis, etc...) with retro pixel-art graphics and chiptune music. I'm looking for GFX and Music artists If you are interested to collaborate with this project please contact with me and I'll send you a link to see the work in progress. (Sorry if there are some grammar errors, I'm Spanish).