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  1. jools_n_jops

    [solved] "Animating" Post Processes

    Ah got it.. just need to edit the postProcess object .kernel on the event.. postProcess_Blur.kernel=1; Sometimes when you ask a question your brain answers it for you
  2. Hiya all. Just joined up here- seems like a fantastic community, great stuff. Learning a lot from you guys. In this previous Q&A (thanks guys) there was a discussion about adjusting a "fade" post process after its creation, via scene.registerBeforeRender(function(){}); Here's the afore mentioned code snippet for where the post process gets created. var fadeLevel = 1; var postProcess_fade = new BABYLON.PostProcess("Fade", "fade", ["fadeLevel"], null, 1.0, camera); postProcess_fade.onApply = (effect) => { effect.setFloat("fadeLevel", fadeLevel); }; Lets say I wanted to do the same on other post processes such as a horizontal Blur (increasing blur on a certain event for example). I sorta tried doing a similar thing.... var kernel=50; var postProcess_Blur = new BABYLON.BlurPostProcess("Horizontal blur",new BABYLON.Vector2(1.0,0.0), ["kernel"], 1, camera); postProcess_Blur.onApply = (effect) => { effect.setFloat("kernel", kernel); }; ...the scene / canvas all initialises ok, but it's drawing a black frame. Not sure if its because of some difference with the blur post process in particular? says the parameter name is "kernel". Thanks v much for any insights or assistance. *edit: link to playground *edit: solved
  3. jools_n_jops

    LensRenderingPipeline non-static grain/noise

    Hi all. Agreed with meteoritool. Would be fantastic to have a "time" or "z" component on the lens grain noise for added realism. To take it a stage further, a chromatic grain (with different R/G/B noise scales) would be the icing on the cake (Quite an interesting doc on grain field simulation here: Cheers.