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  1. Hello, I am loading a large .babylon files into a scene. And the file is about 50MB. Is there a method I can use to real progressive loading / mesh streaming as the model loads so that my users aren't staring at a rotating loading icon (Even if it's extremely beautiful ) for minutes before the scene appears? In other words, if the model is 20,000 triangles, does babylon.js have a method for maybe loading only 2,000 first and then progressing to the fully detailed model after my user zooming in or looking around ? Here is an example about what I mentioned above: https://x3dom.org/pop/happy.html I just looked up for the wonderful solution here: If I understood correctly, the auto LOD mechanism is to help with rendering load and not with loading time. Because when I opened the dev-tool of browser and observed the network tab, there is no pictures or other model information loaded when I zooming in and out. (Correct me if I'm wrong)