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  1. Madclaws

    non chinese community for EGRET game engine??

    hi @PixelPicoSean, Thanks for replying and offering your help.I decided to go forward with egret.
  2. Hi guys, I read about egret engine(chinese engine) a week before and installed it.But i couldn't find any game dev community in english. If there is any community or somebody using it.Please Reply.
  3. Madclaws

    Player Movement with Physics not working! HELP

    why are you extending player class with phaser.Sprite.You Can add a _playersprite variable (of Phaser.Sprite type) in Player class (as a property) and return the Player object.Then access the _playerSprite property in play state.
  4. Madclaws

    Player Movement with Physics not working! HELP

    did u check "player.body.velocity.x"
  5. Madclaws

    Collision mask in Phaser

    @in mono What i was trying to say was if we could implement colliision polygon(or somewhat emulate) it in arcade will be nicer.
  6. Madclaws

    Collision mask in Phaser

    i was saying ,if we could import that collision polygon feature from p2 to arcade,then it will be nice.
  7. Madclaws

    Collision mask in Phaser

    hi @in mono, i know that feature is in p2 .But including p2 just for that collision polygon is inefficient for me
  8. Madclaws

    Collision mask in Phaser

    hi @Papz, Above example is about masking the sprite(making invisible when the sprite goes down).I'm talking about collision polygon/collision mask for better collision, when we use shapes like hexagon,triangle etc..
  9. Madclaws

    Collision mask in Phaser

    hi guys, Why there is no collision mask (like in construct 2d) in phaser.I think that will be a good feature.
  10. Madclaws

    Showing body of a group of sprites in debug?

    game.debug.physicsGroup(Group); inside render function.
  11. Madclaws

    arcade.collide() not working as expected.

    hi, Ok i got the problem.When dragging i am actually changing the x,so there is no physics involved in collision. So i apply velocity to move the object instead of changing x and now physics collision is calculated.
  12. Hi, I am making a snake vs block clone.So obviously the snake and block should collide.When blocks falls on snake collision is working(i mean separation is working).But when i drag snake to a block ,there is no separation when collision happens(only overlapping).Please help me.
  13. Madclaws

    Store Many Levels in one single Map(Tiled)

    Nope,will try it. thanks.
  14. hey guys, I'm making a puzzle game having some grids/tiles.It have almost 100 levels.If i make that in tiled can i store level data for those 100 levels in one json.If i manually create json leveldata and create levels ,will there be any efficiency problem.Because maximum sprites in a level may be 30 something.Which will be the Best choice? .
  15. Madclaws

    body.overlapX/overlapY always giving 0 in Phaser?

    Ok sorry for the question.Because of Arcade physics being AABB i can't really check collision with rotated objects.So i override phaser's separate function with my own collision checking.So there should be no overlapX.I'm a fool.Sorry again. Between is there any way to check collision of rotated objects in Arcade Physics.