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  1. Store Many Levels in one single Map(Tiled)

    Nope,will try it. thanks.
  2. hey guys, I'm making a puzzle game having some grids/tiles.It have almost 100 levels.If i make that in tiled can i store level data for those 100 levels in one json.If i manually create json leveldata and create levels ,will there be any efficiency problem.Because maximum sprites in a level may be 30 something.Which will be the Best choice? .
  3. body.overlapX/overlapY always giving 0 in Phaser?

    Ok sorry for the question.Because of Arcade physics being AABB i can't really check collision with rotated objects.So i override phaser's separate function with my own collision checking.So there should be no overlapX.I'm a fool.Sorry again. Between is there any way to check collision of rotated objects in Arcade Physics.
  4. body.overlapX/overlapY always giving 0 in Phaser?

    thanks for replying ,but i called physics.arcade.overlap() .Then I called object1.body.overlapY in its callback function.
  5. I want to check how much of my second sprite is overlapped with first sprite in callback function,so that i can determine if the overlap is enough for(% of overlapping) for further process.But when i check that with overlapY/overlapX .i am getting 0 always .Please help.