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  1. Yeah thanks a lot dude, I looked up Aseprite based on your first mention and found it to be super useful for this. It takes TIME to get everything aligned, and was a pain to compile, but definitely works. And I don't know how to make GIFs, so Aseprite it is
  2. Ha, yeah, that's actually exactly what I did. I used a janky electron app to rip the sprites out of sheets from the web. Each frame is just an imagine file named like walk0, walk1, walk2, etc. So can I recreate the animations with a tool like Aseprite? Do you know of a better program or solution for this?
  3. Yeah that's definitely the lamest option that would cost the most time... From what I hear from the Phaser discord and other game devs is that this is usually handled by the framework or an animation editor provided by the framework. Is there any such editor or program you know of that I can use to pad and center these sprites to match their intended animations? Having to do it in MS Paint or Photoshop would suck
  4. The sprites all are cropped to maximum with no extra transparency on any side. Then they are packed with TexturePacker for an atlas, but TexturePacker isn't the problem. It's because one frame of a run sprite will be 15px wider because of say hair flowing, and cause a 7.5px push forward for that frame. It seems like I have to set the body sizes or offsets for each frame due to the images being different sizes. Is the only solution to add transparency to frames to ensure they're of equal size?
  5. Hey, looking for a way to set the centers for each frame of my sprite atlas. The centers are currently automatically calculated based on the image size. My images are cropped to have no transparency, which might make no difference, but my animations look awful since the sprites jitter so much between frames. As my knowledge goes, this is handled on a framework basis. Is there a Phaser program to help me make/decide the real virtual centers/offsets for my sprites? And then how are they loaded into Phaser?
  6. Garo

    [Help] Sprite with solid color

    There are four options for this: 1. To change this spritesheet and replace the black with transparent, open it with Photoshop/Gimp or even something online like and do it manually. 2. Using a bitmap mask. This way confused me, you're on your own if you want to research it. Here's a Phaser example. 3. Using PIXI's ColorMatrixFilter, you can modify all pixels with a computation matrix. You'll need to include a few extra JS files no longer included in Phaser. Here's sample code of how it works: var whiteFilter = new PIXI.ColorMatrixFilter(); whiteFilter.matrix = [ 1,1,1,1, 1,1,1,1, 1,1,1,1, 0,0,0,1 ]; someSprite.filters = [ whiteFilter ]; 4. Run a function on your spritesheet for each pixel in it and modify the pixel, creating a new asset. Here's a Phaser example. It depends on what you're trying to do.