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  1. [Panda 2] Airplane 3D

    Was gonna post some feedback, but your two suggestions is pretty much what I had to say
  2. Loading times feedback

    Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Failed to construct 'Request': Request with GET/HEAD method cannot have body. at sw.js:14 at <anonymous> Uncaught (in promise) DOMException: Failed to execute 'respondWith' on 'FetchEvent': The event has already been responded to. at https://dom-dom.mx/sw.js:14:2373 at <anonymous> Running on latest Chrome 64-bit / Windows. Bugged on the first time, worked the 2nd time and then bugged the third time
  3. Very Nice, Will test it when you are ready
  4. @RaananW if it has any bearing I also was looking in to using ES6 module export/import and ran in to the same issue. EDIT: ok it seems you are on top of it https://github.com/BabylonJS/Babylon.js/issues/3314
  5. How does Babylon.js get pointer events working?

    Having a look at BabylonJS and I have a questions regaring the PEP polyfill and @davrous last post in this thread May 2016. Seems this polyfill is not needed for the current latest major browsers exept Safari? is this correct? And if that is the case anyone know what versions PointerEvents became available in Firefox, Chrome? And is PointerEvents stable in how it operates between Firefox, Chrome and Edge?
  6. Riot at the Wyatt

    ah oki I diden't get that, nice little game. well done
  7. [WIP][phaser] Micro challenge

    Would love to try it otherwise it's hard to give feedback, the 2 sceenshots don't say much other then that you have a startingscreen and some balls
  8. Nano games

    So cute it makes me wanna barf, other then that it was a nice litle game. Some feedback.: If I die and want to respawn I can respawn on a bunch of monsters and instant die, tip would be to add a timer after I revive when I acn't die.
  9. Riot at the Wyatt

    After I move the hand up I can't get it to move down below the waist again. ( sitting on the latest Chrome )
  10. Skate Hooligans

    Have to say this is one of the most clean HTML games i have played, it worked well on the phone as on the computer, you can really see that you have taken the time and effort with this one. But I have to say the most I like is the fast and small bundle to get the game running. 2 thumbs up