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  1. HTML5 export of Unity flappy bird is 714KB?

    Also like to point out that the second demo took 4s - 5s~ to load, the main questions is: was that extra load time all from extra assets or did the core + modules grow a lot when they added things like sound
  2. HTML5 export of Unity flappy bird is 714KB?

    10KB code 72KB core and the rest was game assets so I would assume the bloated part is something the dev will control.
  3. HTML5 export of Unity flappy bird is 714KB?

    just watched the keynote and I am kinda exited, I always loved the Unity platform but hated there giant builds. For anyone interested
  4. LF Twitter game dev friends 💕

    Twitter is a lot more then just promoting what I am doing, it's a way to see what's going on, get inspiration, share your work. Much like html5gamedevs. And if you are strictly focusing on getting download's with your Twitter account I suggest you to try and get other users then just gamedevs as I doubt that is your usergroup that would play your games the most. Thank you for your data, it's always nice to read.
  5. HTML5 Adventure Game for Your Website

    I press play and it sends me to another website, great experience 🧐
  6. LF Twitter game dev friends 💕

    Added 👍🏻
  7. LF Twitter game dev friends 💕

    Other game devs, channels that talk or share game dev related things . Also added you 👍🏻
  8. Hello everyone, I have a question related to performance and multiple canvas when writing a JS game, would there be a point to split up graphics on difference canvases, also what are people experiences moving some graphics that is not game related like background images to a element like a div in the background and just update it through a gamestate. Also if anyone have articles or resources concerning good practice for "Game performance in JS" please share those. Also anyone made tests what is more computer heavy 50 of 20*20px small canvases or 1 bigger let's say 800*600px Maybe a stupid question I do not know 😊
  9. Hey all, starting to use Twitter some more and I would like to find more people that share there game dev experience on twitter. If your twitter feed is mostly about game dev subjects please post you Twitter nick and I will add you, and if you like mine is @HjorthBjorn , hope to see you on Twitter 👍 PS. also if you have suggestions on good Twitter accounts that are not your own to follow please share those as well.
  10. Game Graphics

    For sure. I personally hate Inkscape with a passion, but its just a tool to create svg and if you learn it the results that come out are most of the time not hindered by the software but from the artist If you are willing to throw in a few bucks I would suggest Affinity Designer, I personally use the Adobe suit but if I would want something cheaper I would for sure use the Affinity suite
  11. Modern JavaScript Tools

    Automatic dependency management is great for just that task, just a heads up when one start with this (package management and bundling) there is no end for the rabbit hole and you can get stuck for days or even weeks, there is always new things to learn. Just keep focus on what you want out of it. The game I made there is called Fish bowl run, made ages ago and the cat sounds are all mine Think I made it in in a day. I am a Javascript developer by trait and just now putting in some real effort for game development.
  12. Modern JavaScript Tools

    I always try and keep main focus on productivity for the end goal, would npm or a bundler help you in any way? Seems in this case it wouldn’t.
  13. Why this random drop of FPS in Chrome?

    That's a big drop in frame rates, no real idea why that would happen in Chrome. But I look forward to if anyone knows. Is it a one time occurrence or is it a stable drop every set interval?
  14. Bubble

    Nice little game, got the basic gameplay down Really well. I did not like sound for the bubble burst i do think it sound like a broken speaker.
  15. Unmatch

    well done @quinten nice and clean 👍