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  1. Phaser Atlas Sprite Size

    Ah ok, Thanks Rich! Looks like I'll have to trim the images myself. Good luck on phaser v3!
  2. Phaser Atlas Sprite Size

    I thought Texture Packer trims the images, or does the original image has to be trimmed? Here is the exported trimmed sprite sheet by Texture Packer. Would it work?
  3. Phaser Atlas Sprite Size

    I want the Sprite size and physics body to be the trimmed size. I did trim the images in the sprite sheet if that's what you mean. I used TexturePacker to trim the images and save it as png and exported the atlas as Phaser JSON.
  4. Phaser Atlas Sprite Size

    Hi Rich! I want the sprite's body width/height to be the trimmed values. My sprite sheet is trimmed but the sprite's body width/height is still displaying the sourceSize of 300x300 instead of the trimmed size. Some of the code. this = Phaser.State + '-sprite', 'resources/imgs/heroes/warrior/warrior.png', 'resources/imgs/heroes/warrior/warrior.json'); this = Phaser.Group this.sprite = this.create(0, 0, HeroTypes.WARRIOR + '-sprite'); Heres the git repo if you want to take a look. The atlas is loaded in boot.js and the sprite is created in Warrior.js.
  5. Phaser Atlas Sprite Size

    I have a sprite created from atlas. Everything works fine expect that the sprite is the size of the original image not the trimmed version. For Example, my sprite is 300x300 but I want it to the trimmed size of 110x93. How can I do that? { "filename": "stand1", "frame": {"x":1077,"y":708,"w":110,"h":93}, "rotated": false, "trimmed": true, "spriteSourceSize": {"x":119,"y":98,"w":110,"h":93}, "sourceSize": {"w":300,"h":300} }