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  1. scene.onPointerUp firing twice.

    Thanks @RaananW! Works perfectly with observables. So does it mean that we have to always use obvervables instead of onPointerUp/Down because they will not be maintained anymore?
  2. scene.onPointerUp firing twice.

    Yes, I noticed the same thing. Had to use a test to ignore the second trigger.
  3. Rim Effect

    I made it work by adding the needAlphaBlending: true attribute in the ShaderMaterial creation! It looks really nice! Weird thing I noticed though : If my mesh with the shaderMaterial has a visibility of 1, it creates a hole in the canvas. I mean I can see the other html element behind the canvas in the scene. In order to avoid that I add to put the visibility to 0.2. ShaderMaterial are awesome, I will continue to add them in my scene!
  4. Rim Effect

    Hi @Temechon! I am currently tring to add you force field custom shader in my scene (which looks really great by the way!) But I need the force field to be also transparent. Do you a way to do that? I am just starting with custom shaders so don't really know all the parameters yet! Thanks, Pichou
  5. Particle doesn't stop

    By the way, if I am not mistaken, it seems like the original position of the particle is not {x:0, y:0, z:0} but equal to the emitter position in the scene.
  6. Particle doesn't stop

    OK done, I have another question! Is there a way to have the particle position relative to the emitter? I want the particle to follow the {x, y, z} emitter system which has a particular position and rotation in the scene. But the particle always follow the {x, y, z} scene system. I don't know if this is clear!
  7. I don't undestand why the updateFunction of my particle system is still called after I stop the system. See console in this playground : https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#DJVT90 I stop the particle system after a 1 second timeout and the console show that the updateFunction is still called. Thanks, Pichou
  8. Text with border or bold

    Perfect! Just adding a shadowBlur and a shadowColor give a border on the text. Thanks

    Hey @Deltakosh, that would be awesome to be featured on the babylonjs homepage! @X1P.com, your platform is really nice. Didi you make some of the game on it? It will be great to add wazana.io too! Tell me if you have questions on how to start with babylonjs.

    Hi everybody from the html5 and babylonjs forum! This is a topic where I wanted to give you some feedback on my experience with babylonjs since I started working on it and to thank you for your help! SUMMARY : First I think your goal is fulfilled. Indeed Babylonjs is a complete Javacript framework for building 3D games and it's simple ( At least for a developer which love JS like me ). The game https://wazana.io which is now in 3D thanks to babylonjs is one proof of that. DOCUMENTATION : The way I use it is the following : when I find a babylonjs tool which I want to add in the game, I went to the 'HOW TO...' page of the tool. There I can find how I can make the tool work and apply it in my scene. Plus I can see different application of the tool. The playground examples are very very helpful as you can see immediatly the rendering. Then if needed I sometines went to the 'CLASSES' to find the function or the parameter I wanted or if I didn't use some function in the correct way or with the wrong arguments. I don't really use the other part but when you look for ideas or new way to improve your game, just surfing in the doc can give you a lot of possibilities (with the extensions for instance). PLAYGROUND : Awesome to test test and re-test before integrate. Most of the time, I start from one playground with the base code of the tool I want to test and then I make my change to see if I can obtain what I am looking for. I saw how convenient this is to allow you babylon dev to see what's wrong in our code. But this only works with small and precise issues. The bigger your project is going and the harder it will be to share a playground and find a solution. INSPECTOR : I found out about the inspector very late. I think it can be a very powerful window but I haven't really understood yet how it works. For instance I would want to see what is making the fps slow. Is it the particles, materials, number of meshes, etc? It will be great to instantly know what you can change in your code to improve the perf of your game. However I didn't find a way to have that information in the inspector. YOURFEEDBACK : I would really appreciate your feedback on the game WAZANA.IO. As an indie game developer I am always searching for player's feedback in order to get to the best experience and gameplay possible. So this topic is also the opportunity to tell me what you think about the design, the gameplay and give me improvement ideas if you have any. THANKS : A big thanks to you all who have helped me during this development of the 3D version of WAZANA.IO game. You make me gain some precious time and this is really thanks to you that I manage to be fast at deploying this new version. I explain some steps here in this article : https://blog.wazana.io/2018/01/09/how-wazana-io-has-gone-from-2d-to-3d-in-3-months-only/ FINALLY : You can imagine we are always looking for support so if you want to share, like or put me in contact with people that could be interested in the WAZANA.IO game in any way, feel free to do it! https://www.facebook.com/wazana.io/ https://twitter.com/wazana_io Sorry for my not very perfect english Cheers, PICHOU
  11. mesh simplified and cloned

    Ok how should I do that? I don't see/find how I can get the LODs generated and add them to another mesh? Thanks!
  12. mesh simplified and cloned

    Ok so if I understand correctly : cloning will clone the original data but not the simplificated mesh generated? And thus you must simplify every mesh cloned or is there a way to apply the simplication from one mesh to another? Thanks @deltakosh
  13. This is one simple question but I haven't found an answer in the doc or here so I ask When I simplify a mesh and clone it after. Will my cloned mesh be simplified too or not? And have I to wait for the mesh to be simplified before cloning it to have the simplification on it? Thanks, Pichou
  14. Text with border or bold

    Of course! So simple I regret I haven't thought to do that! Thanks @johnK I gave me the idea to just rise the fontsize of the replicated text to have a border everywhere : https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#XCPP9Y#408 But there is a horizontal spacing between letters and I didn't find any property to avoid that.
  15. Hi, I am using BABYLON.GUI in my project and sometimes the text is not really readable when displayed with no background. I want to add a text shadow or at least bold the text so that you can correctly read it. But I didn't find a way to do that with BABYLON.GUI. Do you have an idea? Thanks, Pichou